HTML5 for Mobile Video Ads, the Flash Killer

Video exploded this year, which left advertisers and publishers scrambling for ways to monetize mobile video advertising. However, monetization is still limited by the compatibility of advertising technology across different platforms and ad formats. Ad platforms need to be equipped with the ability to support multiple ad formats and run on any mobile phone in order to fully monetize the mobile video advertising space.

Studies suggest that mobile traffic will double each year over the next five years, in large part due to video traffic. Advertisers have not been able to monetize the video mobile traffic with Flash. While it’s been the standard format for most videos online, nearly all the functional components associated with video are not compatible in Apple's mobile phone and tablet devices.

Publishers are seeking to transform their video traffic into a revenue stream, but are hindered by Flash technology which doesn’t allow advertisers the ability to scale across mobile devices. Publishers require a mobile solution provider to satisfy demand from ad agencies seeking ways to provide and expand capabilities of their video products.

HTML5 is the answer.

HTML5 offers a standardized coding language for mobile sites and mobile apps — one site or app works across all HTML5 supported browsers. Today, most mobile rich media uses proprietary technology for delivery, as well as XHTML. A standardized answer for video rich media and rich UI on the Web, HTML5 caters to all Web platforms. It supports across the most common mobile browsers in various mobile phone and tablet devices: Apple (iOS), Google (Android), RIM Blackberry (Torch/Bolt), Microsoft (Windows Phone 9), Opera, Nokia and Palm.

HTML5 allows you to run video on a mobile phone without using plugins like Adobe Flash. This opens a whole new world of possibilities for advertisers and video content owners to monetize across devices: Apple, Android and other Web-enabled mobile devices. HTML5 provides publishers the opportunity to monitor ads through a standard set of metrics, manage any number of network partners and support a wide range of viewing environments. Aarki Encore is built on HTML5, where you can build, launch and measure video advertisements in a fraction of the time. To learn more about our mobile video capabilities and Aarki Encore, please shoot me a note at

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