How You Can Win Users with Rewarded Video


Mobile advertising continues to be a fluid industry with evolving ad formats. The top performance driven ad formats on mobile are rich media and video. Along with Native, Rewarded Video is the fastest growing ad format in programmatic advertising.

What is Rewarded Video?

Rewarded Video ads are short (between 15-30 seconds), non-skippable, opt-in ads that provide a great user experience. The user opts-in to watch Rewarded Video in exchange for rewards. The rewards are an alternative to in-app purchase (IAP), such as coins, extra life, premium items, or unlocking game levels.

How Can It Help?

Unlike Interstitials or Banners, Rewarded Video ads don’t pop-up and interrupt the user experience. They are an option in the menu or between levels. User opt-in rates are high because the value exchange is attractive. As a result, this ad format has very high completion rates. App marketers also benefit from the non-skippable feature of this ad format, and users see the entire video ad.  

For publishers, Rewarded Videos can significantly increase retention and other post-install actions. Less users lapse as Rewarded Video offers an alternative to IAP. As users expect to be rewarded by viewing Rewarded Videos, app interaction is continuous. Without the Rewarded Video option, users may stop playing the game. Thus, Rewarded Video not only enables publishers to monetize, but also drives higher user retention.

How To Succeed With Rewarded Video?

Rewarded Video can help you win users, if you do it right. The ad creative itself plays an important role. What you show users matters a lot. The messaging and visual content of the ad must align with the user’s interest. If not, users may engage less with the ad unit, and the eCPM will trend down.

Media placement is very important. It’s all about finding the right place and the right time to show a Rewarded Video. Rewards should be selected carefully. It can be good to offer rare rewards frequently.

App marketers can advertise their apps in Rewarded Video programmatic inventory through Aarki. Aarki’s Encore Studio supports a variety of ad formats, such as interstitials, banners, native, and Rewarded Video ad formats. In addition, Aarki offers rich media and playable ad formats for Rewarded Video, which outperform the standard Rewarded Video ad formats. Aarki leverages machine learning and multivariate creative optimization with Rewarded Video.

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