How to Reach Your Local Markets: Indonesia


Mobile programmatic continues to grow in Asia Pacific (APAC). The region is the second largest programmatic market, the first being the Americas. Programmatic in APAC will reach a market share of 36%, amounting to $19 billion, by 2020. 

In the APAC region, Indonesia is one of the leading countries when it comes to mobile programmatic. According to Marketing Interactive, mobile ad spend will grow to $692 million by 2023. This growth could be due to the increase of smartphone users in the country. Imagine how immense your reach could be for your mobile ads!

Localization is Key

When trying to reach global markets, the first thing you want is your target users to understand you. The solution? Localization! 

Localizing your ad creative makes it easier for you to speak to your audience. Elevate this strategy by combining localization with multivariate testing so you can reach users who speak the same language but live in different countries. Aarki makes use of professional translators who can translate up to 22 language variants and we dynamically serve the variant with the main language spoken in each country.


Creative Tips

Besides localizing your ad, here are some other creative approaches you can use when promoting to the Indonesian market.

  • Display the mobile app interface

Show users how easy it is to use your mobile app. Be clear when displaying how your app works through a simple yet straightforward ad creative. 


  • Present a detailed how-to of your app

If you want to go beyond showing how your app works, design a more detailed ad creative that uses a tutorial video. Spice it up further with casual graphics and some cool images.


  • Promote specific features that make your app exciting

Your mobile app is packed with awesome features for your users to enjoy. Use those to your advantage by emphasizing certain features of your app. In the case of a finance app, for example, focus on the convenience of using it to make online payments. 


The Case Study

In a recent user acquisition campaign we ran for a non-gaming app, we targeted users in Indonesia. Paired with creative personalization, we used one of our advanced machine learning algorithms to target lookalike audiences effectively. The algorithm uses first-party data and past campaign insights to optimize the campaign and take it to another level. 

Due to our advanced machine learning algorithms, the results showed notable growth with a 3x better retention rate (RR) as compared to the start of the campaign. The campaign also generated 17x more installs, while the cost per install (CPI) saw a 95.68% improvement.

Ad creatives should be unique. Your best plan is to test different variations of your chosen mobile ad. One thing is for sure: Localizing ads is a tried and tested strategy when targeting audiences in non-English speaking countries. 


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