How to Maximize Retargeting with Non-Spenders

How to Maximize Retargeting with Non-Spenders_Grace

The measure of mobile app success is much more than simply a high number of downloads. Monetization will always be the ultimate goal, and the number one factor in reaching monetization goals is maximizing the user base. 

Given that only 10% of users make regular in-app purchases, there’s still a big chunk of users an advertiser can retarget to increase monetization. We have prepared some tips on how to effectively retarget non-spender users.

Determine the Right Monetization for Your App

Identifying which type of monetization works well for your app will help you determine the right strategy for retargeting campaigns. About 65% of apps are monetizing on ads, 50% on in-app purchases, and many use both strategies. Although most of the app revenue for certain apps may be coming from in-app purchases, you can still optimize through ad monetization given that some GEOs are proven to be more inclined on just downloads and retention rates. Some examples of this are Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Cluster the Users

Considering the high number of non-spender users, it is advisable to tier them for more granular optimization. For improving ad monetization, using the number of sessions can be an effective way to group the users as this event is directly correlated with ad views. Session count can also be used to improve user’s in-app monetization but it’s better to run an event correlation analysis to determine the right one to use.

Personalize the Creative

Having the right creative strategy is very important for effectively re-engaging users. Showing new app features and events is one common strategy but having a different creative per user group will be more successful. Promos and rewards are also effective.

Retargeting is an incredible way to re-engage non-spender users and encourage them to take action. Follow these steps to improve your app marketing success!

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