How to Leverage Programmatic for Your Retargeting Needs. Part 2: Creative Strategies


Creative is the first thing users notice in an ad. Whether or not users will remember your ad message and take action greatly depends on how well they can relate to the creative. The right ad creative targeted to the right segment can make your app marketing campaign a hit. On the other hand, app marketers can lose huge opportunities with incorrect creative. Here we continue our blog series with the aim to give a clear understanding of how to leverage programmatic for your retargeting needs. In Part 1 of this blog series, we discussed how you can define segments in order to target users more precisely and reach those who are likely to have high lifetime value. Part 2 aims to zoom in on the best creative strategies for a shopping app per given segment.

Inactive medium engaged users

All apps have different features, and it is highly likely that users (especially inactive ones) won’t remember all of them. To retarget inactive users that have a medium level of engagement, one creative strategy is to promote the app’s features which are not commonly used or explored by the user. This strategy can help them learn more about your app and entice them to keep using it. Below are some ways to promote an app’s features for inactive medium engaged users:

  1. Offer special discounts - Special holidays and paydays are perfect opportunities to offer users special discounts. After all, who doesn’t like discounts?

    offer special discounts

  2. Update their wish list - Try sending them notifications when any of the items on their wish list are on sale, back in stock, or almost sold out.

  3. Provide other payment methods - Having many methods to pay makes it easier for the users to complete a purchase. Don’t forget to inform users about their options.








Inactive highly engaged users

When users are already engaged with your app, there is no longer a need to promote the app’s features. Instead, what you can do is to advertise the latest updates. This will help them remember your app and drive them to take action. What is essential here is to offer them the right kind of push at the right time. Some ways to update inactive highly engaged users with what’s latest with your app include:

  1. Offer loyalty promos - Loyalty promos give the impression of exclusivity. Make highly engaged users feel special by offering them loyalty promos and they might start engaging with your app more.

  2. Present discount vouchers - Give them what they want by having discount vouchers for wish list items or recently viewed products.

  3. Feature the newest brands in store - Update users with your latest brands and other new offerings so they won’t miss out on anything.

Analyze results

The above creative strategies are proven to work in campaigns for a shopping app. However, given changing trends and the many channels to shop, strategies also evolve. It is important to analyze the results of different creative strategies and adjust them accordingly.


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