How To Keep Your App Users Engaged With App Marketing Tips

Acquiring high LTV users is a big challenge but retaining and keeping them engaged is another. In fact, many apps are failing to maintain user’s interests and keeping them engaged for a long duration. A study from eMarketer reveals, “only 24% to 29% of iOS users who installed an app used it again within 24 hours of their first app session.” So, with all the efforts you put in acquiring new users, it’s crucial to have a plan in keeping them engaged. App marketing offers several strategies like user segmentation and re-engagement ads for maximizing the user value. Let’s review two tactics that are beneficial to app marketers.

Segment Users

No one likes receiving irrelevant and useless information. That’s just a waste of their time. Deliver targeted, customized and rich content to your app users based on their app behaviors, schedule, preferences or demographics. Instead of spending your budget on showing your ad on every single screen, you can define user segments and display targeted ads to each segment. A very effective strategy for expanding your user base with high LTV users is utilizing bespoke segments. This strategy enables app marketers to expand their user base by discovering loyal, high LTV users of apps who December-03.jpgare similar to theirs. The strategy is derived from the theory that if a high LTV user is loyal to one app in a certain category, there is a high probability that they will also be loyal to another app in the same category.

Leverage Re-engagement Ads

Instead of spending your budget on acquiring new users who may or may not be of quality, you can spend the budget on re-activating lapsed users and grow the existing users’ LTV. This can be achieved by re-engagement ads. Different ad creatives can be targeted to each user segment, encouraging them to return to the app with sequential messaging and ultimately convert them into loyal users. Ad creatives often offer promotions, offers, or new updates to entice users to return.

There is no sure shot magic formula to gain user loyalty and optimize for user experience, but the usage of app marketing strategies will bring you closer to your goal.

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