How Does Creative Optimization Affect Your App Marketing Campaign Performance?

Creative often lives in the shadow of media in mobile programmatic advertising as many app marketers put the majority of their focus on media placement. However, media is only one aspect of an app marketing campaign. Creative can have an equally, if not more, powerful impact on the ad performance. Even if the ad has been placed in the optimal location, the target audience most likely will not give it a second glance or engage with it if what they see isn’t up to par. Often times, audiences click and engage with an ad because of how it looks. Therefore, to take the performances of mobile ads to the next level, creative should also be focused on alongside media placement.

The Aarki Way

At Aarki, we optimize for both creative and media in order to deliver strong app marketing performance. For each client campaign, our in-house creative designers leverage their vertical-specific expertise to develop rich creatives for specific audiences in the target segments. Depending on the campaign objectives, variety of ad formats can be developed including playable, video, native, interstitial, etc. Machine learning technology and multivariate testing are then deployed to identify the best performing creative variants for the client’s key performance indicator (KPI). In addition, our data analysts perform in-depth creative analysis in order to develop further insights on the app and its vertical. This enables us to perform continual creative optimization throughout the campaign duration.

Creative Optimization at Work

In a recent campaign for a popular slots casino game mobile app, our creative designers used their vertical knowledge and expertise to develop several creative variants that are catered toward the target audience segments of this vertical. These creative variants were published across several apps of various categories. Our data analysts then conducted in-depth creative optimization and leverage the insights to match best performing creatives to optimal media. Meanwhile, our designers also utilize these insights to develop new creative variants that are more likely to yield better performance. The optimization lifted the performance of the app marketing campaign visibly.

The Affect

To portray the effect of the creative optimization on campaign performance, we have analyzed the performance of two different creative variants for the slots casino game app. One was optimized and the other was not. The creatives were compared in three different metrics: click-through rate (CTR), campaign installs, and cost per install (CPI). In this case, the campaign install volume is defined as the total volume of app installs up to a given day.

The charts below reveal the results of the analysis.


In the first couple of days, similar amount of users clicked on the two creative variants. However, on the third day, the optimized creative's CTR increased and exceeded that of the creative that was not optimized. The CTR of the optimized creative continued to increase in the following days. 


The campaign install volume generated from the optimized creative has been far greater since the beginning. This is evidence that the target audience segment is more receptive to the optimized creative.


The optimized creative not only yielded higher CTR and larger installs volume, but the CPI was also significantly lower. As the chart illustrates, the CPI was lower than the creative that was not optimized in the beginning and continued to remain in the lower spectrum in the following days.

The results revealed that the optimized creative outperformed the creative that was not optimized in all three metrics. These are proofs that Aarki’s expertise and creative optimization improved the campaign performance in various metrics.

At Aarki, we have in-house designers and data analysts with expertise in various mobile app verticals. We combine our deep expertise with advanced technologies to optimize ad creatives for each media placement. This allows us to consistently deliver stronger app marketing performance to our clients. To learn more about how we can help you with your app marketing, please contact us at

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