How Can Programmatic Creative Elevate Your App Marketing?

In the recent years, programmatic techniques have brought speed and efficiency to media buying. Now, it’s time for the creative side of the ad business to follow suit and become more efficient, nimble and innovative.  A new era of digital advertising is dawning - an era where programmatic and creative combine to create far-reaching and captivating campaigns. We call it “Programmatic Creative,” and it is a buzz among digital marketers.

What is Programmatic Creative?

Programmatic creative refers to the set of advertising technologies that add speed, scale, and automation to the creative process. This covers both ad production and creative optimization. Programmatic media has unlocked tremendous potential in how we tell stories in the media. The purpose of programmatic creative is to enable data and creativity to come together to effectively tell brand stories in a more resonant way than ever before.

Benefits of Programmatic Creative

So, how creativity will propel programmatic technology forward and what are the benefits of programmatic creative? Programmatic creative solves the ultimate problem of modern advertising: how to reach the right audience and ensure ad content is engaging for target audiences. Instead of showing one generalized creative to all, it is now possible to segment audiences into groups and show each group a custom creative that is more likely to impact them specifically.

Programmatic creative also enables better message testing and optimization, by enabling both the creation of multiple ads for the purpose of testing and potentially automating the test to optimize on its own.

The expansion of the range of ad formats is another benefit of programmatic creative. Programmatic creative allows marketers to use multiple variations of ads that are all delivered instantly to the optimal audience. Marketers can therefore boost engagement and appeal by building creative content in a variety of formats, such as rich media ads, video ads, and native ads. Instead of banners that dominate the screen, programmatic creative means users are met with engaging, non-disruptive formats that enhance their experiences.

At Aarki, we’ve run over hundreds of thousands of campaigns using multivariate testing to perform dynamic creative optimization. We’ve been leveraging our rich database to help our clients target specific creative variants to the right audience at the right time. To learn more about how Aarki can help you with your mobile ad creatives, please contact us at


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