Growing Your User Base with Cross Promotion


Launching a new app is no easy feat. With over two million apps available in the app store, how can you ensure your app stands out? The process of acquiring new users that have high lifetime value potential must be approached strategically. Read on to learn how cross promotion can bit by bit make your new app a hit.

The Strategy

Cross promotion is a strategy that will help you achieve success as you grow your new app’s user base. It happens when an app advertiser utilizes the audience segments from its existing app to advertise its new app. The aim is to acquire highly engaged users and generate a high return on investment (ROI) at a low cost per install (CPI).

Most of the time, the new app is from the same category as the existing app where it is being promoted. The reason behind targeting users who engage with the old app is that they show openness to explore your new app offering and therefore have the potential to be high lifetime value users of the new app as well.

On the other hand, it is also a good idea to target lapsed users of your old app in order to rekindle their interest. The reason for their being lapsed users might stem from the fact that they are searching for a new app experience, and your new app may be what they are looking for.

The Creative

Creative plays a significant role in promoting your new app. It must be able to convey your message and capture an ad viewer’s interest in just one glance. How have we done this?

1_travel-crosspromo  2_moonbeam  3_shop-crosspromo

The users from the existing app were presented with personalized creative to obtain high engagement rates. One creative practice which proved effective is showing a glimpse of the app experience. This includes showing how to navigate your way through the app, highlighting the value or best deals you can get by using the app, or by simply showing the new game characters to entice the users.

Another strategy which proved valuable is taking advantage of the CTA button as this can serve as the stepping stone to drive installs and in turn improve chances of user engagement. By regularly refreshing your creative, you can ensure your ads stay relevant to your audience and help grow your user base.

Applying different cross promotion strategies to an ad for a non-gaming app, you can promote a ride hailing app to users of a navigation app given the two apps are both under the travel category. The same strategy can be applied to a shopping app.

In the case of a gaming app, you can cross promote by encouraging highly-engaged users of the old app to try the new app. This can be done by showing a glimpse of the new characters, using enticing ad copy, and testing different variations of the CTA button.

The Results

To determine the value of cross promotion, we analyzed a programmatic advertising campaign that we ran for 25 days. The cross promotion strategy resulted in an ROI that was 214% above the goal, and a 73% decrease in CPI.

The Takeaway

Having a strategy that will help you grow your new app is equally important as defining audience segments and targeting each segment with the right creative. One without the other is not enough, especially if your app is in a saturated category. Create buzz strategically by running a cross promotion campaign.

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