Grow Your Shopping App


Ecommerce is on the rise. According to research from Statista, mobile eCommerce sales worldwide are expected to hit $2.91 trillion by 2020. Other research shows that the amount of time people spent using shopping apps in 2018 grew by 45% compared to 2016. With clicks winning over bricks, now is the perfect time to step up your shopping app advertising. Read on for insights on how to grow your shopping app.

       1. Target users based on their spend level

Differentiate non-spenders, regular spenders, and high spenders from each other and show them ads based on the segment to which they belong. This way, your ads can encourage a non-spender to start spending, regular spender to purchase more frequently, and high spenders to further increase their basket size.

       2. Effectively decrease shopping cart abandonment rates

The stretch from adding to cart and completing a check out can be approached by a number of ways such as showing special promos or presenting different payment methods available. In all apps, especially those under the shopping category, success lies in the post-install activities of users.

       3. Help shoppers remember your app

Staying relevant is essential to successfully eliminating shopping cart abandonment rates. Creative strategies such as sequential advertising and events-based advertising may help get your message across your target users. Treat occasions like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Easter Sunday as opportunities to push users to complete a purchase. Avoid ad fatigue by using sequential advertising.


Improving App Performance

We ran a user acquisition campaign for a shopping app over a span of two months. On the last day of the campaign, CPI decreased by a whopping 99.31% compared to the first day. Across the campaign, the cost to acquire a new buyer decreased by 89.05%. The campaign resulted in almost three times more installs, and a 65.14% better CPI than the goal.

Seize the opportunity!

Taking advantage of the global move to mobile shopping means improving your app’s performance and encouraging shoppers to engage whenever they purchase. With its machine learning technology and creative optimization, Aarki can help you take your shopping app to the next level.

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