Good Creative is Familiar


By Michael De Dios, Client Services Associate

The smartphone was once only science fiction. Today, it’s become a medium for content and information to develop. While the smartphone industry continues to grow, so do the amount of ads being launched online that it caught itself in a state of a perfect advertising chaos. We could argue that mobile advertising is dead, and it has become a wasteland of interstitials, banners, animations, and videos. However, there are still a lot of mobile ads that work and serve their purpose on a very rewarding level –– and they benefit from a good creative.

Creativity is seeing things from a different perspective to create original and alternative ideas. In an ever-changing space like the Internet, the essence of creativity can get lost and forgotten. A good creative is not universal, just like a Vincent Van Gogh painting is not for everyone. It is meant to be personal, something that can trigger an emotional and psychological response. You know a good creative when you see one. But how does a mobile advertising campaign succeed when a creative is meant to be a personal experience for a particular audience? This is where data come into play.

Data can dramatically influence how a good creative is made. Over time, multiple factors can change audience behavior, thus, continuous analysis of the target group is important in the success of every mobile advertising campaign. All these knowledge should be included in the creative process in order to build materials that are specific and familiar. And as audience behavior evolves, the creative should, too. Constant creative iterations also show that you listen and care about their online preference.

Other than data, it is also important to apply the three-second rule to the creative process. Your mobile ad should capture your audience's attention within three seconds. What it can do within that timeline can ultimately determine the second action that audience will make. Most users do not have time to spend on mobile ad interaction, nor do they want to be interrupted. Making those three seconds count is important no matter how long your mobile ad.

At Aarki, all these factors are considered in building compelling mobile ads that develop a personal experience for the audience. Our analytics and creative teams work hand-in-hand to ensure that a clear understanding of audience behavior is apparent in the mobile ads created. Creative iterations are also consistently done to tailor mobile ads to ever-changing audience preference.

More than ever before, people are becoming increasingly digitally inclined, spending most of their time creating, sharing, and reading content. While so much is made available with a simple Internet search, people want something worthwhile and familiar. A good creative doesn’t always have to be brand new, but it does need to be valuable and personal. It needs to speak to the audience. It has to cater to their wants. It has to know them well.


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