Fewer Partners, Better Users

Starting is the hardest part. But once you start, you are halfway there. This is especially true if you start with the right partner. It’s a downstream effect: the right partner leads to the right users. Read below for the top two misconceptions we’ve encountered about narrowing partners and how one partner (or a very select few) can overcome your greatest concerns.


Risky Business.

Working exclusively with one partner can be perceived as risky. Multiple mobile app marketing partners gives you security. If one doesn’t deliver, at least you have the others to pull through for you.

Valid point. But here’s something to consider: the more partners you work with, the more saturated your campaign is in the marketplace – increasing the risk of self cannibalization, inflating bids and disappointing under-deliveries.

Your widespread campaign is like a web of small streams, criss-crossing over each other as they gradually weave their way together – finally gathering at an undisturbed pond. It’s slow, steady and sure to fill.

Now consider this, start with just one channel. The flow is more easily regulated, and can be concentrated into a powerful surge – building momentum, and torrenting out into a mighty waterfall.

In both scenarios, the volume is the same, but the effect is dramatically different. Choosing your channels is choosing how it ends. Trickle out unnoticed, or make a splash.

Pick a partner who knows the landscape, how to navigate and who to bring aboard.

It’s Cheaper.

The popular belief is that working with multiple partners is more cost effective.

This can be true, but only for the very experienced developer with: 1) the bandwidth to manually manage multiple partners, and 2) a deep understanding of the unspoken undercurrents of the ecosystem. There is plenty of overlap – both in inventory, and in commentary. Your ability to push aside industry jargon and bare the bottom line can mean the difference between a mass of ineffective users, and an incoming flow of good quality users.

Especially for new indie developers and small teams, we’ve seen the opposite is actually true: working with just one partner is more cost effective.

Pick a partner who has had experience managing large-scale campaigns, and achieving top-charting results. They have real data on real performance, and can pull these numbers together to create a plan for you. They can act as your one-stop shop – consolidating all there is to know. Ultimately, they can save you both time and money.

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