Europe’s Biggest Mobile Game Advertising Creative Pain Point – Localization

The main objectives of running user acquisition app marketing campaigns are fairly consistent among different regions of the world. The differences are in how an app goes about achieving their goals. Last month at Apps World in Berlin, Germany, industry thought leaders agreed – user targeting outside of the U.S. is just more complicated. And what’s the biggest creative pain point? Localized creative.


Need for Localized Creative

Acquisition marketers across the globe are familiar with the various methods of acquiring users (incent, non-incent, social, RTB), but Europe's acquisition model requires much more creative localization.

Here in the U.S., app marketers normally only incorporate one language into their creatives, while the EU has requires creative in 24 official working languages. Therefore, an app marketer targeting all European countries must develop a creative with 24 different text iterations. Serving an ad to a prospective user through the wrong language won't only be a wasted impression, but can run the risk of confusing, or even angering the intended target.

Cost of Achieving Goals is Dependent on Geography

Just like gas, milk, and even McDonald’s Big Mac, mobile acquisition costs can change based on location. This is because the price of reaching goals varies based on the population and competitiveness of each geographic area (geo). This concept is nothing new to European app marketers.

The cost of obtaining app store visibility using a burst campaign is greater in the United Kingdom than in a smaller European geo such as Switzerland. The low cost visibility in smaller geos, like Switzerland, provides marketers with a major opportunity when launching new apps or releasing robust updates for existing apps. Apps can test in smaller geos before running user acquisition campaigns in tier one geos like the United Kingdom.

While it's cheaper to rank using incentivized methods in small geos, marketers are faced with the challenge of scaling non-incentivized volume. Less inventory means marketers must be extremely precise in placing their ad dollars. Smaller geos will see fewer daily installs, so it will take longer for marketers to obtain a sufficient sample size to optimize the creative. 

Meet Aarki

The Aarki agency leverages Aarki Encore, the industry leading mobile ad platform for creative design and optimization, to develop joyful, geo-targeted and localized mobile game ads. Aarki Encore has a reputation for strong user acquisition campaign performance on a global scale. 

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