Employee Spotlight: Milky Dapon


What makes working at Aarki so special is being part of a team of exceptionally brilliant, ingeniously creative, and friendly people. To get to know more about our colleagues, we’ll feature a new team member every month.

Who’s on this month's spotlight? 

  • What is your role at Aarki?
    I’m Milky, client services manager at Aarki. I manage accounts and act as a bridge between various internal and external teams on a daily basis. I’m responsible for providing high level updates and campaign reports to our partners. I also build strong relationships with clients to ensure that we deliver beyond expectations.
  • What originally drew you to Aarki? And how has Aarki changed since?
    I heard about Aarki three years ago, my friends were working here. Since then, Aarki Encore has evolved into one of the most sophisticated technologies  providing superb programmatic media buying to app marketers.
  • What has been the most important innovation you have witnessed at Aarki?
    Aarki’s ability to provide and develop campaigns that support mobile marketers’ specific goals. I’m always amazed how Aarki can be flexible to meet advertisers’ needs.
  • What do you think will be Aarki’s biggest opportunity in 5 years?
    I’ve witnessed how partners have expressed their satisfaction to Aarki, how we go at par with other DSPs. Five years from now, I see Aarki as one of the most trusted programmatic platforms, being able to deliver above standard mobile ad experiences.
  • What is your proudest moment at Aarki?
    Too many to mention, but one of the best would be when our clients are satisfied with what Aarki delivers in all aspects. I’m proud that I’m able to meet our clients face-to-face and deliver results above their expectations.

  • How would you describe Aarki's culture?
    Everyone who works at Aarki can attest that this is an organization filled with compassionate and genuinely talented people fueled by the desire to innovate. This is a great place to learn and grow.
  • What is your personal philosophy?
    A few things. When your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough. Always remember that when you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere for you to go but up and bounce back even harder! Accept yourself, and stand up for your life choices.

  • How would you describe the best place you’ve travelled to by far?
    Nothing tops my London experience! Best city I have ever been to—people and culture are one of a kind.

  • What are the three things you can’t live without?
    Family, hope to live, and my sanity to keep living.
  • What books are at your bedside?
    To Kill A Mockingbird. I dream of being a lawyer someday and a friend recommended this book to me, and it’s effective.

  • If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?
    Probably a clone of myself to be able to see what kind of person I am. Am I treating the people around me with the right amount of love and respect?
  • What is an ability you wish you had?
    I’ve always wanted to have the prowess to tell if someone is lying, and the ability to always make people around me feel that their existence will always matter.
  • You’d like to be famous for?
    I love acting and hosting. I’ve always wanted to be famous in these fields either locally or internationally.
  • You’re happiest when?
    I’m happiest when I am with my family. I’m happy when I feel accepted for who I am

Milky handles key accounts, contributing to the company's scaling revenue. Her strong communications skills enables her to stand out from the crowd and build positive and productive working relationships with clients.

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