Dominating the App Market with Your News App


Technological innovations have made information easier than ever to access. News now spreads around the world in seconds via various channels. One of those channels is mobile apps. Research on app usage and habits found that 88% of smartphone users have at least one news and weather app on their mobile phone, and smartphone users spend 41% of their total digital time on news apps.
As the app market continues to grow, mobile marketers need to know how to stand out to mobile users. One approach is to catch their attention with a distinctive creative strategy. A mobile marketer who knows the behavior, perceptions, and demographics of their users will have the upper hand on the creative strategy of their campaign, allowing them to design an ad that is specific to their target audience.

The Creative Strategies

Personalization plays a key role when designing an ad creative for a news app. Displaying a news category that’s of interest to a user will prompt continued engagement. If you’re targeting a sports fan, for example, one creative approach is to create a mobile ad showing the latest sports news.

                  News-Sports-RT-1           Tech-News-Category

Encourage further engagement by presenting different features of the news app. Aside from showing different world events, advertising other features, like a gallery of popular shows, movies, or editorials, can make the news app more interactive. Users will want to use the app because it contains more information beyond the daily news happening worldwide. 

                News-Discover-Health             News-LiveUpdates-UA (1)

Localization is also a relevant creative approach in order to reach global markets. Showing global markets that you have them in mind creates a positive perception of your brand, which may result in higher install rates and user engagement.

              News-LiveUpdates-UA-korean-1                 News-Tech-Sports-RT-chinese-1

The Case Study

We analyzed a user acquisition campaign for a news app where we displayed the app’s key features such as popular shows and editorials. The cost per install (CPI) decreased by 15.40% in a span of six weeks, surpassing the initial goal by 10.75%. The click through rate (CTR), conversion rate (CR), and install rate (IR) increased 22%, 39%, and 69%, respectively.

News apps remain a popular channel to follow the news, and mobile app marketers who leverage creative approaches to connect with their audiences are better positioned to improve engagement. With Aarki’s advanced machine learning technology and dynamic creative optimization, we can help elevate your next news app campaign.


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