Leveraging DMA Targeting in Mobile Advertising

User acquisition is by no means an easy task. Knowing who the target audiences are is a good start, but being able to find and reach those audiences is a whole other story altogether. While there are various channels that offer app marketers the vehicles to do so, programmatic media can be the best vehicle for finding and reaching target audiences. Not only does programmatic advertising allows app marketers to access and automate bidding of a large variety of global media inventory, it also enables app marketers to leverage Designated Market Area (DMA) for audience targeting.


What is DMA?

DMA regions are exclusive geographic areas consisting of group of counties in the United States in which local television viewing hold dominance total hours viewed. The United States consists of 210 DMAs which are measured by The Nielsen Company.

Using DMA for Mobile Advertising

So how can app marketers utilize DMA for targeting mobile app users? Through programmatic advertising, app marketers can target ads that are relevant to the target audience and which DMA they are located in. This type of geo-targeting is especially effective for mobile apps that are looking to acquire users in certain geographical areas. For example, a food delivery mobile app wants to target audience in metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City. Different ads that display popular restaurants in each of the target regions can be developed and publish to the audience in respective DMA regions.

In addition to more relevance, DMA targeting allows app marketers to target ads toward optimal geographical areas. In order to fully take advantage of DMA targeting, app marketers should conduct DMA analysis throughout the campaign duration. Post-campaign, these DMA analyses can provide powerful insights, such as which DMAs have high conversion rates, engagement, and return on ad spends. This data can help app marketers decide which DMA regions to focus on in future campaigns.

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