Discussions at Programmatic Connect Seoul


The main goal of Aarki Programmatic Connect events is to create a casual atmosphere for interactive discussion on topics in machine learning and other technical fundamentals. While this is true for all Programmatic Connect events regardless of where they are held, no two events are the same. Programmatic Connect Seoul was like no other. It was a unique experience exchanging new insights with our guests and getting to know different perspectives on programmatic-related issues that are unique to the Korea market.

Held on April 25 at Marriott Courtyard Pangyo, Programmatic Connect Seoul gathered 40+ attendees for an afternoon of conversations and new knowledge, followed by drinks and fun. Here we share snippets of three things that were discussed.

     1. How machine learning and creative optimization help achieve stronger ROI


Machine learning algorithms ensure the best match between marketers and targeted audience. Sid Bhatt, CEO and co-founder of Aarki, shared how Aarki builds models that allow event forecasting both for user acquisition and retargeting campaigns. Sid explained the real-time bidding process and the importance of having ecosystem partners to help deliver stronger ROI.

DSCF5601-1On the creative side, Mikaela Bataller, Aarki’s Creative Manager, emphasized the importance of using the advertiser’s data to plan and test out creative ads. “When it comes to creative, we can’t just design them with only style in mind. Data plays a big part in informing creative and messaging,” Mikhaela shared. The discussion also included tips and strategies for leveraging creative ads.

     2. How mobile attribution partners fight ad fraud in the mobile industry

DSCF5627-1From L-R: Sungpil Lee - Aarki’s Director of Sales in Korea (moderator), Alvin Kim - Singular’s Managing Director of Asia, Josh Jang - Adjust’s Country Manager, Keebaek Lee - AppsFlyer’s Customer Success Manager

Sungpil Lee, Aarki’s Director of Sales in Korea, moderated the two panel sessions. The first set of panelists represented mobile attribution industry partners from Adjust, AppsFlyer, and Singular. The panelists compared ad fraud this year versus 2018 and discussed steps on how to fight ad fraud as an industry. They also shared how advertisers benefit from impression attribution, and their reactivation setup. 

     3. How advertisers run programmatic campaigns

DSCF5638-1From L-R: Sungpil Lee - Aarki’s Director of Sales in Korea (moderator), Charlie Jung - Clegames’ CEO,
Dongbin Chi - Flero Games’ User Acquisition Lead, Terry Park - Sation3’s CMO

The next set of panelists represented leading mobile marketers from Clegames, Flero Games, and Station3. They shared their insights on the state of programmatic in Korea and briefly discussed their marketing budgets. The advertisers explained their retargeting & user acquisition strategies, and the key factors to consider when testing new partners.

The night ended with dinner, drinks, and a lot of networking.

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