Delivering the Right Message with Personalized App Marketing

Target Audience

Today, everywhere we look, there’s bound to be an ad. From obnoxious pop-ups to subtle product placements, and everything in between - it’s a rare moment when we aren’t being told to buy this or download that. It’s no different with mobile advertising. However, ads don’t have to be annoying. There’s a better way for app marketers to communicate to their target audience, a way that engages them on their terms and breaks through the clutter: personalized app marketing. This means delivering the right message, to the right audience, through the right medium, at the right place and time.

To effectively leverage a personalized app marketing strategy, first ask yourself the following questions: 

1. Are you targeting the right audience?

Does your mobile ad convey a message that speaks to a general audience or is it one that applies only to a particular segment? In marketing, less is more. The fewer messages each user receives, the more powerful each message becomes. To achieve better results, make each message count. First, understand your mobile app’s audiences. Then identify specific user segments that you can target. For instance, you can divide your users into new users, returning users, frequent users, users of specific features, or those who abandoned the app, etc. Once you know who you want to target, and their characteristics, you can find lookalike audiences or retarget your existing users. More details on segmenting your audience can be found in one of our previous articles.

2. Is your message relevant to your target audience?

Relevant messaging is crucial for successful brand communication. You must deliver the right message, one that offers value to your audience, if you want to drive brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty. To craft the right messages, you need to know your audience inside out: the things they love about your app and when, where, why, and how they use your app. Once you know your audience, you will have an idea of how to approach them and spark a conversation. At this point, you will be able to implement different creative strategies and find out which ones work and which do not. These include personalization, localization, and champion/challenger multivariate testing. 

3. Are you delivering your ad at the right time and frequency?

The timing and frequency of the ad is of great importance. It needs to be well-timed so that you don’t interrupt the audience’s user experience. Keep their privacy in mind. Do it in a friendly way and on their own terms. Plan when you want each audience segment to see your ad and use sequencing and frequency caps so that you can tell a story and build interest. Get rid of the creative strategies that are not effective and constantly go back to check that your creative strategies are aligned with your target audience. Last but not least, regularly refresh your creative to prevent ad fatigue and continue to personalize your creative ads even after a user has made a purchase. 

If you have answered “yes” to three questions above, you are on the right path to leveraging personalized app marketing strategy. Keep it up and shoot us a message if you have any questions!

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