Dating in the Digital Age


Aspiring daters are open to making connections digitally, providing dating app advertisers with more reach. This is a continually-growing market that dating app advertisers can use to their advantage.

The Growing Opportunity

Recent research shows that 18-30-year-olds spend more than an hour each day on dating apps, totaling an average of 10 hours a week! A dating app topped the iOS non-gaming mobile apps revenue chart for Q1 2019, according to Tech Crunch. The Verge reported that the same dating app ended 2018 with 1.2 million added subscribers and revenue of $805 million. Imagine the possibilities for dating app marketers!

The First Step

While the opportunity is huge, competition is fierce. There are more than 1,500 dating apps or websites, and there are established players in the market. This is why aside from knowing the demographics of your target audience, it pays to dig deeper and know their online dating perceptions, behaviors, and even certain cultural norms.

Providing first party data helps target your audience users more precisely. Dynamic suppression lists ensure that users who have installed the app are excluded from the bid. To learn more about suppression lists and their effectiveness, check this out.

The Creative Spice

Once the data is ready, it is now time to spice up the creative! Some strategies you can use include localizing the ad, applying real-life events, and testing different variants. Key variants when it comes to dating app ads are the CTA copy, color choice, and the face or personality used.

dating-UA-1        dating-UA-2        dating-UA-localized
Sample dating ads for a user acquisition campaign - 2019-05-25T151238.343        dating-rt-2 - 2019-05-25T150950.471
Sample dating ads for a retargeting campaign

The Results

Marrying data and creative in a recent dating campaign we had resulted in almost 20x more installs, a 55% decrease in cost per install (CPI), and 4x higher conversion rate (CR).

We also studied the hourly performance of the campaign and concluded that performance in terms of CR and installs and install rate (IR) plummeted at 6:00AM.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 8.42.41 AMIR peaked 10x at 2:00AM, while CR at 12:00AM is 3.5x better than CR at 6:00AM. Installs at 10:00PM showed 10x better performance.

The similarities in performance at 6:00AM are interesting. Users at 6:00AM likely just woke up,  are still asleep, or preparing for the day. Dating app usage increases in the latter part of the day and after-work hours.

The Twist

We only zoomed in on the results of a specific geo, and results could vary based on geo (which could be influenced by cultural norms). This serves as a reminder that your creative ads must always be data-informed to achieve your campaign goals.

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