Creative Ideation for Refreshes

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Serving the same ad over and over again will eventually create ad fatigue no matter how good the ad is performing. As ad fatigue decreases click-through rates (CTR) and return on investment (ROI), it is important to know when to refresh your ad creative. Creative refresh, or the process of offering a new creative strategy to catch users’ attention, allows a mobile app to have higher conversion rates and better marketing performance.

Below are some tips from our creative team on how to generate creative ad refreshes for your mobile app marketing campaigns:

  • Explore the app

There are many different reasons why users will choose to download and keep a particular app. In the case of a food and drink app, it may be for convenience, to avail of discounts and other promos offered, or discover new dishes. Whatever the reason may be, experiential learning is essential for understanding the app’s features and services. Knowing how the app works is like putting yourself in the shoes of the user. Exploring the app allows you to answer questions like:

- What makes the app different or unique?
- What feature of the app excites its users?
- What value does the app bring?
- What can be improved?

Having answers to questions such as these allows you to highlight an aspect of the app which can be used to develop a compelling ad creative. It also allows you to find ways to constantly deliver to the ad viewers the ad’s message in different exciting ways.

  • Check the app users’ reviews

The in-depth analyses of the app’s social media accounts and app store reviews can be the second step to understanding it. The comments, reviews, or feedback found in its app store verify the thoughts you gained by exploring the app as these show the general impressions of users, help you understand what motivates them to download and use the app, and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Social media accounts, on the other hand, can show how the app is being marketed and how the ad copy and engagement strategies the advertisers use resonate with the audience.

  • Understand what the campaign’s data is telling us

There’s always a message within the campaign’s data. This can tell us which strategies work and which do not. It is critical to find patterns in the data, analyze and interpret them correctly, and understand what they are telling us. By doing this, repeating past mistakes can be avoided and you can constantly find new ways to improve your campaign’s performance.

Original Creative             Refreshed Creative
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The ideation strategies above have proven to be effective when rolling out campaigns for multiple apps. However, there is no “one size fits all” approach in mobile app marketing, and the creative refresh is just one of the many creative strategies that can be effective. To determine what will work for a specific app, app marketers must know their audience, have clearly defined goals, and take the appropriate course of action.


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