Creative Groups for Retargeting Success

Creative Groups for Retargeting Success

The new year presents a wide range of opportunities and challenges for mobile app marketers. According to a report by AppsFlyer, global app install ad spend is predicted to reach $64.1 billion by 2020. This means that launching and growing a mobile app requires powerful marketing campaigns. How advertisers can keep up depends on how well they are able to give their users exactly what they want at the right moment. Read on to learn how creative groups can help achieve optimum campaign performance.

Personalize your creative

Reaching the right audience is the foundational building block for a successful app marketing campaign. And when it comes to retargeting, enticing lapsed users to come back to your app must be approached creatively. Since different users have different needs, making your creative strategy specific to their needs is key to getting your message across.

Know your audience through creative groups

The process of designing specific creative strategies starts with the audience data provided by the clients. As a way to get to know the users and serve the right ads, they are grouped into different segments. A study by Localytics states that using audience data for targeted campaigns can increase conversion rates by up to three times. To decide which segments to target, take a look at our previous article.

Audience data serves as Aarki’s backbone, which enables the creation of the final product (or the creative ad) with the right target fit. The audience data/segments include information such as a user’s spend level, the number of days since the user last opened the app, and more.

There is so much that can be done when segments are analyzed. At Aarki, we aim to leverage audience data to know the different types of users and understand their varying needs.

Once we have the audience data, our analytics team identifies the intersecting targeting groups. Creative groups are then planned based on the target group’s user behavior and specific creative strategies are applied to the ads.

Planning out creative groups gives a more granular and user-focused approach to retargeting. Instead of showing the same ad to different types of users and hoping that it will reach a plausible user count, the goal of creative groups is to tailor-fit ads to maximize the user engagement number.

Apply creative groups


The different spend levels of travel app users can be used to come up with creative strategies. For example:

  • Non-spender: Remind the user of the app’s core features
  • Low spender: Promote app features that are not regularly used such as payment methods
  • High spender: Offer loyalty bonuses or advertise special discounts such as private event sales
Travel3 travel2 Travel
Non-spender Low spender High spender


In the case of gaming apps, the target groups provide information about the user, such as the number of days since the user opened the app, level reached, and spend level. Given this type of information, assumptions can be made to inform the corresponding personalization strategy. For example:

  • The user is new to the game: Show parts of the game yet to be explored
  • The user probably got tired of the game early on: Challenge the user to beat their high score, or beat more difficult levels
  • The user ran out of free life to continue playing: Offer ways to get free energy/life, boosters, power-ups, etc.
gaming4 Gaming gaming3
New user User got tired of the game User ran out of free life

Boosting campaign performance

In a specific retargeting campaign, we observed a 114% increase in return on investment (ROI), a 77.56% increase in click through rate (CTR), and a 120% increase in install rate (IR) when personalization strategies based on creative groups were applied to the creative ads.

In addition to boosting campaign performance, using creative groups also helped decrease costs significantly. In the same campaign, Cost Per Install (CPI) decreased by 41.21% and Cost Per Click (CPC) was 27.26% lower.

Strategize your creative

The user should be the core of the creative. Creative ideation starts with knowing the user and continues when engagement is successful. In order to continuously provide the best creative for the right user, coming up with strategies to personalize the ad creatives should be of the utmost importance.


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