Creative Best Practices for Designing Your Next Korean Mobile Ad


One of the global leaders in mobile, Korea is a market many brands want to penetrate. With 95% of its population using smartphones, it’s apparent that there’s a large audience viewing mobile ads. 

As trends shift, so do audiences’ behaviors. Today, more Korean users are responsive to mobile ads. Technology has even made it easier for locals to be influenced by more foreign cultures. For example, Korean audiences are becoming accustomed to seeing western mobile ads like playable ads that tell stories. 

But there are still significant differences between Korean and western ad creatives. Read on for tips on designing ad creatives targeted to Korean audiences.

#1 Focus on all the design elements of the mobile ad

In Korea, users see the elements of the mobile ad and determine the product, unlike western practices where users focus on just the product/main point of the ad creative. Korean mobile ads focus on all of the design elements—the fonts, colors, transitions, and effects—which have a great impact on the engagement of a user with the ad. 

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These design elements establish how much the mobile app is worth and whether or not it should be trusted by the user. The difference lies in how the creative approach targets the audience instead of just designing a product ad.

#2 Incorporate new trends into the ad creative

We’re living in an age of digital revolution where users from around the world can easily communicate with each other, which means that they’re exposed to the newest trends in a snap. 

Try aligning your next mobile ad with the latest trend. Utilize a video ad instead of a banner ad as it is one of the most popular ad formats in the country. Marketers must be sensitive to current trends but they also have to keep in mind that trends quickly come and go so they can only use the ad creative for a limited period of time. 


#3 Empathize with your audience

Resonate with your target audience by creating an ad that appeals to their emotions. Sad characters paired with relevant messaging, like “we miss you” or “come back!” is a way to entice users to get into the app again.


Our data proves that mobile ads that show emotion have significantly lower cost-per-install (CPI) by 56%, and a better click-through rate (CTR) and install rate (IR) by 30% and 65% respectively. 

The behaviors and perspectives of users are different for every country. That’s why knowing their profiles and characteristics will benefit marketers who want to target a certain geo. With Aarki’s global presence, we want to help mobile marketers in different parts of the globe to reach their audiences and scale their brand. Want to know how we can help? Send us a message here today!


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