Creative Best Practices for Banner Ads

Banner samples

Bigger does not necessarily mean better. An ad format that takes up a big portion of the mobile screen may be easier to notice but may be viewed as simply intrusive. A banner ad, which is the cheapest mobile ad format with the lowest cost per mille (CPM), may yield better conversions and overall campaign performance when well-executed, despite its small size. Read on to learn how to creatively work your way around banner ads.

     1. Effective animations seal the deal

Shopping App Banner

Animations can easily grab the attention of your viewers whatever the size of the ad. Utilize animations for your ad to get noticed.

     2. Mind your messaging

Farming Game Banner

It is important to have a direct and compelling message that is specifically targeted to your audience. Keep the ad copy short and sweet.

     3. Layout coherently

pirate game_2

Maximize the small space by integrating and coherently laying out all the elements of your ad. Each element should serve its purpose in the ad.

     4. Show your branding elements


Your branding must be prominent for your target audience to remember your brand and the value you offer.

     5. Ensure your CTA stands out


Above all, your ad must result in action from your target audience. Encourage them to take action by making sure the CTA button of your ad stands out.

These examples have proven to be effective for the campaigns we have run. For example, in one campaign we previously run, the ROI for a banner ad campaign rose to 39%. However, it is essential to note that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for app marketing success. Coming up with new strategies and testing their effectiveness must always be taken into account when running campaigns, no matter your chosen ad format.

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