Come See Us at Casual Connect SF Booth 510!

As we often do for events, Aarki is pondering the discussions that await us at Casual Connect. Casual Connect is an event close to the pulse of everything  gaming, and we are proud to be sponsoring a booth again this year. Based on our own collections of where the app marketing industry is at we share a few high level discussion we think will shine bright at Casual Connect.



We’ve talked a lot about change and so has everyone else, but here is the deal – there is a new normal. Whether you’ve carefully dissected your mobile habits with your therapist yet or not, you are on mobile. Isn’t it just exaggerated here in the land that birthed a new generation of tech pioneers in old t-shirts and hoodies? Yes, but this isn’t a Valley thing, it’s a world thing.

While mobile and mobile gaming has made its way into everyone’s hearts, it has yet to hit pocket books as hard. So while the world is operating in this new normal, budgets are left behind with Prince – partying like it’s 1999. This can be tough on the developer community. Even if the game has the perfect demographics for each of the Fortune 500s, the budget simply still isn’t there.



The person approving the budget allocation isn’t always up to speed on the industry, or an expert. We think there will be a lot of conversation around how game developers and app marketers can educate bigger brands on the value of in-app advertising – starting with the returns.

Measuring ROI will probably be another big topic this year. Last year was all about quality and years before about volume, now we are looking closer at both in a way that makes sense for each company, ROI. We predict more questions around the true value of an app marketing campaigns and all the data that feeds into determining that value.



Useful data, the type that can be automated into systems to optimize campaign performance during the campaign (not when the budget is gone) – that will be a central focus at this year’s event. There’s been lots of data for a while now, but it can be really difficult to use. New technologies are crucial to making all the data we have not only usable, but useful.

Myself and other members of Aarki will be running around the hotel floor fleshing out these conversations with members from all sectors of the industry. 

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