China: The Mobile Hot Spot

Over the years, mobile apps have infiltrated themselves into the lives of almost everyone in China. Smartphones and tablets are used practically everywhere and work as integral parts in the users’ daily lives thanks to the fact that its usage is often unrestricted by time, location or occasion.

Hot spot.

According to Business Insider, China’s mobile users exceed that of the U.S., Brazil, and Indonesia combined. Moreover, China is currently the number one mobile gaming market in the world in terms of revenue. As one of the hottest spot for mobile, app marketing is inevitable. As this channel becomes an increasingly opportunity, advertisers are shifting their focus to mobile ads to improve ad display rates and app discovery.

New age.

For traditional advertisers in China, mobile ads are becoming a must especially since advanced technology is widely used to ensure their successes. In additional to banner, plaque, integral walls and other traditional forms of ads, more diverse forms of advertising like videos and native ads have appeared successively and are gradually increasing. To cope with these changes, user information resources and localization are essential for any app developers looking to penetrate the mobile app market in China.

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