Champion/Challenger Multivariate Testing


The role of the ad creative in running mobile advertising campaigns cannot be overlooked. With the mission to keep creativity at the core of advertising, Aarki is sharing its knowledge and experiences to show how the right ad with the right creative can bring you high LTV users. Here are some of the processes that Aarki’s creative team undertakes for campaigns:

  • Start With a Plan

Proper planning and research is crucial for any mobile advertising campaign. Gathering information from advertisers on what worked and what didn’t can be a good start. As a next step, we need to understand the audience and the app itself. With pertinent information from the advertiser and Aarki’s industry-wide experience, our creative team will come up with a creative strategy.

Once we have the plan and strategy, we will create a list of all the assets needed to test and work on different combinations to see how they perform as a whole and to get a clearer understanding on how each asset performs separately.

  • Execute the Plan

So how do we build creative ads after this research? With our creative platform Aarki Studio. This platform makes it very easy to build highly engaging and interactive HTML5 ad creatives. It’s pre-packaged with widgets and drag and drop features and is very easy to use. With the addition of the scrubbing feature, it’s also possible to review and fine-tune animation without leaving the editor interface.

With all the information gathered and the processes implemented, our creative team will build creative ads that will stand out. Depending on the scale of the campaign, we can run three to four creative variants simultaneously, or even over 10. Our experience shows that starting with a handful of creative ads can provide sufficient data to inform your next step.

After testing and comparing the performance of the creative variants through multivariate testing, we will identify the best performing ad creative. We call this the “champion” creative. This champion tells us what direction to take for the next iterations and better improve the performance. The new set of creatives are called “challengers.” We will roll out these ad creatives and continuously monitor the performance to identify the new champion.

  • Review Results & Improve Allocation

Once the creative is live, we will increase both the media and budget allocation towards the champion creative and analyze the results. This is when our analytics team optimizes the campaign to help us make the overall performance even better.

  • Rinse & Repeat

The process does not end here. The iterations continue as we set new challengers for the champion creative again and again to be sure that the winner creative is not outdated. We always run the best performing ad creative.

If your ad creative is catchy, relevant and based on your user’s experience, it will grab the user's attention and drive installs.

At Aarki, we offer the best technology features and capabilities to execute smarter, faster, and more effective ad creatives. Learn more about how we can improve the performance of your ad creative by following our blog.

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