Case Study: The Impact of Impression Attribution


Mobile advertising and attribution are based on click-through conversions rather than impression (view-through) conversions. The direct correlation between the click and the app install is a stronger attribution than the indirect correlation between the impression (ad view) and the install. Despite the fact that the real value of impressions is difficult to quantify, the value gained from the impression measurement should not be overlooked.

Due to the impression measurement methodologies, advertisers and app marketers can see not only clicks that immediately preceded a successful app installation, but also any impressions which played a key role in the attribution lifecycle (particularly those that led up to a conversion).


In order to determine the value of enabling impression attribution, we analyzed a programmatic advertising campaign for a game app over a period of two months. The advertiser aimed to drive more quality installs and purchases while understanding the role of Aarki display and video ads in the attribution lifecycle.

We ran the campaigns on 13 different ad exchanges with the impression tracker enabled.

Our in-house designers with extensive experience in developing a variety of ad formats, including video, animated, playable, and native ad creative, designed multiple creative variants which were tested across thousands of publishers.

After testing and comparing the performance of the creative through Bayesian machine learning technology and multivariate testing, we enabled impression attribution and saw a considerable increase in the client’s key performance indicators (KPIs): install volume and in-app purchases.


 Positive impact on installs

Imp_attr_installs.pngDuring the first 30 days of the campaign, the campaigns generated low activity. On the 31st day, we enabled impression attribution and saw performance improvements during the next 30 days. Installs coming from impression attribution accounted for ~8% of the total installs over the span of the 30-day post-impression attribution date range.

 Positive Impact on In-app Purchases


The implementation of impression attribution had a positive impact on in-app purchases as well. Purchases coming from impression attribution accounted for ~14% of the total purchases over the span of the 30-day post-impression attribution date range.


The results revealed that impression attribution enabled campaigns have strong performance on all metrics - increasing install volume and in-app purchases. Furthermore, with the implementation of impression attribution, advertisers can see the true benefit of their ad spend and its effectiveness.

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