Best Practices for Seasonal Creative

Seasonal Ad Creative

As the seasons change, so do app users’ behavior and purchasing power—sometimes dramatically. Knowing how to take advantage of seasonal trends and tailor your marketing campaigns to different festive and seasonal periods is key if you want to grow your app. 

Incorporating seasonal elements into your ad creative is an easy and fun way to get audiences to engage with your message. It’s also a smart approach to advertising—who wants to look at ads for sandals in the middle of December?

While you are planning your seasonal campaign calendar, here are some creative practices that have proven successful: 

#1 Change the background, use right colors

Crafting ad creatives with seasonal considerations in mind can positively influence conversion. Tweak the background and borders of your creative to match the season. Choose flowery borders for spring, red leaves for autumn, palm trees for summer, snow for winter, etc. The color palette should also be carefully selected. Using greens and yellows for spring, and yellows and blues for summer will make the ad creative align with the users’ moods. 

Fall AutumnSummer

#2 Make the characters relevant

Using characters and recognizable figures in an app could be the key to attracting and acquiring new users, as well as reactivating lapsed users. Present the characters in seasonal attire or looks to grab the users’ attention. The inclusion of other app elements that match the season will also help drive performance. For example, Easter/spring puzzles for a puzzle game, hearts for Valentines’ Day, a splash of colors for Holi Festival, etc.  

Holi Seasonal AttireHalloween, dress up game character

#3 Make the look and feel of the ad festive

During busy seasonal events, it’s likely that some of your target audience will stop engaging with your app. In order to stay relevant, take part in the celebration! That could mean cute bunnies and colorful eggs for Easter, costumes, ghosts, and trick-or-treats for Halloween, and maybe some spooky visuals to bump up the fun. When it’s time for Christmas and end of year holidays, switch your app’s visuals to cozy, snowy scenes, and winter sports like ice skating and skiing. And, of course, pink and red are the colors of Valentine’s Day. Offering festive and entertaining ads will help ensure maximum conversions. 

Easter slots ad creative with a bunnyValentines solitaire ad creative, red hearts and cards

Case Study

We ran a winter based campaign for a gaming app over a span of three weeks. We saw that compared to a regular campaign, the performance of the Christmas campaign had 42.92% better Conversion Rate (CR), 48.27% better Install Rate (IR), 48.03% lower Cost Per Install (CPI), and 39.79% better Return on Investment (ROI).

In another gaming app campaign, leveraging spring-themed ad creatives led to 53.68% lower CPI, higher 122% CR and 110% better IR.

Seize the opportunity for standout advertising by following seasonal trends. Start preparing now—Valentine's day is just around the corner! 


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