Best Practices for Events-Based Creative


Successful ads have three things in common: they resonate with the target audience, spark excitement, and convey a personal message. Ensuring your ads do all three can be a challenge given that the average person is exposed to 5,000 ads per day. An opportunity to leverage your way to success is by incorporating real-world, once-in-a-year events in your ads. Read on to learn how you can utilize holidays and other key events for your ad strategy.

Best Creative Practices

1. Try to integrate the elements of a specific event with the style of the app.

Striking the right balance between showing something new while remaining recognizable is key to delivering memorable ads. Using Valentine’s Day colors like red and pink is an example of a way to integrate an event’s elements with the style of the app. In the case of Holi Festival, a splash of colors should do the job.


2. Make the look and feel of the ad festive.

With all the event festivities, it is inevitable for the target audience to lose engagement with your app. In order to stay relevant, take part in the celebration! For example, during Thanksgiving, you can feature a turkey and other food popular during the season.

3. Tell a story.

Using real-world events to tell a story is a way to boost engagement with your target audience. After all, connections are drawn through stories shared. Having relatable stories can increase the chance that your target audience will convert and make a purchase.


Case Studies

To prove the importance of event-based creative ads, we studied the performance of three campaigns.


We ran a Christmas-based campaign for a gaming app last year for a span of one week. We saw that compared to a regular campaign, the performance of the Christmas campaign had 93% better Conversion Rate (CR), 57.11% better Install Rate (IR) and 50.77% better Return on Investment (ROI).

In another campaign based on Chinese New Year, CTR was 27.47% better and IR was 93.15% higher than a campaign not based on an event.

We were able to prove the success of event-based ads on a higher level by looking at the performance of a Holiday campaign that was run for nine days. The specific campaign performed 89.82% better in terms of CTR and had significant 380.52% better ROI.

Be in the loop!

By leveraging event-based creatives, you’re able to ensure users always see up-to-date ads. Grab the chance to have standout advertising by being in the loop with events that excite your target users. Create a compelling story, make it visually appealing, and track your success.


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