Avoiding Ad Fatigue with Meta Creatives

META creative ad

The possibilities for creative concepts are endless. With so many techiques to focus on, including audience segmentation, real-world events, app updates, current news, and trends, ad fatigue is certainly avoidable. Strategic and imaginative ads are the key to winning audiences’ attention. One creative concept that can benefit your campaigns is meta ads.

The Concept of Meta Ads

Meta (or self-referential) ad concepts are done by applying a popular creative strategy based on the assumption that what worked for other apps (particularly competitors) will also work for your app. 

For gaming apps, examples of meta ads include showing customization features, highlighting challenges, or using emojis. For non-gaming apps, examples include having a countdown timer for limited time offers or having celebrity endorsers.


META_Gaming_RT1  META_Gaming_UA  META_Gaming_RT2 


                             META_Non Gaming UA-1  META_Non Gaming RT-1

To prove the effectiveness of meta creatives, we analyzed a game app programmatic advertising campaign over a period of 2 months. The advertiser aimed to acquire the highest quality users at an optimal CPI, using our deep category expertise.

We designed several ad creatives that showed certain problematic situations to the user and options to fix these situations. Specifically, in our meta creative, we used hand scrolling and selecting items to use to fix those situations but showed that eventually, it failed. The creative prompted the user to feel that he/she could do a better job themselves, thus encouraging the user to install. 

As a result of utilizing meta ads for this particular campaign, we saw a 35% higher conversion rate (CR) at an optimal CPI.

Keep Testing

Successfully fighting ad fatigue means always thinking of new, appealing creatives that engage current users, attract new users, and help with user retention. A creative strategy that worked once will eventually become stale. Champion/challenger multivariate testing is a great method to find new ways to serve engaging creatives. Keep an eye on our blog for new and innovative solutions. 

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