Applaud - The Aarki Encore Podcast Episode 1: App Marketing with Encore


Programmatic advertising has become one of the fastest growing channels of digital marketing due to its inherent abundance of media inventory and buying efficiency. 
As this industry continues to mature, app marketers are coming across more challenges but are finding new ways to tackle them.

We’ve had the chance to sit down with Carla Adraque, Partnerships Manager at Aarki and chat about her thoughts on the state of Mobile App Marketing industry and Aarki’s role in it.

Milky: You’re listening to Applaud, the Aarki Encore podcast. Welcome to our first episode. My name is Milky.  

Bianca: And I’m Bianca. We’ll be talking about mobile app marketing and why Aarki Encore gives you the edge. We’re joined today by Carla, Partnerships Manager at Aarki.

Milky: To listen to our other episodes head on over to That’s Aarki with a double A. Hey Bianca, you know when you attend a concert and people applaud at the end of the show and the band starts playing again?

That’s called an Encore, which is incidentally the name of our integrated platform for mobile app advertising. This is why we called this podcast ‘Applaud’.

Bianca: Nice segue there Milky. Yes and each episode of ‘Applaud’ we’ll talk to the experts at Aarki so that our audience can get a look inside our “machine” and what makes Encore tick.

Milky: And yes, maybe in the future we’ll have other guests outside of Aarki too. We should also tell our listeners that if they want to listen to more episodes and get the latest ones, to go to Let’s get on with the show, shall we?

Bianca: Yup! I can’t wait.

Milky: We are joined today by Carla, Aarki’s Partnerships Manager.

Welcome Carla! Nice to have you here. Before we begin, why don’t you talk about yourself and what you do at Aarki?

Carla: Sure! I have been with Aarki for 4 years now. I have seen Aarki evolve in the mobile app industry. As a Partnerships Manager, my role is focused on managing demand partnerships and building relationships with mobile app advertisers. I work closely with app advertisers through the full cycle of identifying their goals.

Bianca: Can you tell us more about what your team is focused on?

Carla: We are focused more on educating the clients of how our platform works and then closely working alongside with them through the whole process of identifying and hitting their KPI goals, letting them know that we are fully transparent, and that they can trust us.

Milky: The mobile app industry has come a long way, hasn’t it? Can you tell more about it? I mean, there are a lot of apps out there trying to acquire users for their app, right?

CarlaLet’s look back at how app marketing was done in the past. Campaigns used to just look at clicks. But that doesn’t necessarily result to installs. When click-through-rate was no longer the best KPI to measure performance, we looked at installs and CPI, which is the primary metric.

That said, installs, help apps gain visibility through chart rankings in the app store, which has helped acquire more organic users.

Bianca: But installs are not the end goal anymore, right? I know that in order for most apps to be profitable, they need their users to become purchasers.

CarlaExactly. We need to focus on ROI and acquiring high quality users.

Milky: As your title suggests, who should app developers look to partner with? And how does this partner bring in high quality users?

CarlaWell, app developers need to partner with DSPs who know the value of the users. They should be able to forecast the probability of loyal, purchasing users. The accuracy of the forecast determines the probability of both media placements and the post-install goal. 

These optimizations are performed through real time bidding.

Bianca: Cool! Tell us more about Aarki Encore. How can it help achieve your app marketing goals?

CarlaFirst of all, DSPs needed to access programmatic inventory.

Our Aarki Encore is an RTB media buying platform that uses machine learning algorithms that forecast the probability of post-install events such as purchases.

With this, we help app developers make data-driven decisions for their campaigns and implement necessary optimizations in order to achieve their KPI goals. 

Milky: What makes Encore unique?

CarlaThe platform combines media, creative, and machine learning for stronger ROI. 

Bianca:  Tell us more.

CarlaOf course! So we have our own creative studio that builds HTML5 ads. This allows us to build interactive ads and turn them around very quickly and do testing very quickly too. 

We are true partners of developers striving to hit their goals. Their UA team is complemented by our experienced team of analysts, client services and creative folks.

Milky: Perfect! So Aarki definitely is the right partner for app marketing?

CarlaYes, and we just scratched the surface of what a partner like Aarki can do for app marketers.

To learn more about Aarki, visit and if you’d like reach out to me to ask more my email is

Bianca: Thanks, Carla!

That’s all we have time for in this episode of ‘Applaud’. Stay tuned for our next episode where we look at how creatives can make or break your campaign.

Milky: Thanks for listening. This is Milky saying goodbye until our next episode.

Bianca: And this is Bianca signing off.

Milky & Bianca: This has been Applaud.

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