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The State of Programmatic Advertising in China

Dominating the App Market with Your News App

Make Your Next Retargeting Campaign a Hit

The Rise of Casual Gaming Apps

Mobile Growth Summit Canada is Returning. We Can’t Wait to Meet You There!

Flashy vs Simple Ad Performance

Strategies for Creative Iteration

Rewarded vs. Non-Rewarded Video Ads: Which Will Come Out On Top?

Benefiting from Creative Personalization: User-Level Attribute

Save the Date with Aarki for Grow Commerce New York 2019

Avoiding Ad Fatigue with Meta Creatives

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Growth Factors of Programmatic Advertising in South Korea

June With Aarki: Events Round-Up!

New Responsive Creative Builder Tools Available in Aarki Studio

App Promotion Summit NYC is Back. We Hope to See You There!

Acquiring high LTV users for Entertainment Apps

Comparing Ad Format Performance of Gaming Apps

Mobile Marketer Best Practices: Taking Advantage of In-App Ad Formats

Appeal to Emotions

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Dating in the Digital Age

Grow Your Shopping App

Retargeting vs User Acquisition: Which Strategy Suits Your Next Campaign?

Bid Landscape Evolution: Q1 2019

Aarki Honored as Bronze Stevie® Award Winner in 2019 American Business Awards®

Do's and Don'ts for Your First Retargeting Campaign

Discussions at Programmatic Connect Seoul

Sequential Advertising for Campaign Success

What’s the Buzz Around Audience Optimization?

Should You Use Audio Ads for Your Next App Marketing Campaign?

Join Aarki for the ultimate MAU experience!

Answering Your Top Mobile App User Acquisition Questions

Aarki Wins “Best Advertising Rich Media Online Campaign” at the 2019 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC)

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Event Recap: Mobile Mixer Jakarta

Creative Best Practices for Banner Ads

Trying Innovative Approaches & New Strategies to Creative

Aarki Encore Adds More Anti-Fraud Checks

Acquiring high LTV users through Suppression Lists: Case Study

Branding Campaign Strategy

Improve Your Real-Time Bidding and Mobile Retargeting with Aarki and mParticle

Growing Your User Base with Cross Promotion

Recap: Programmatic Connect Tokyo

Aarki Puts Creative Optimization on Autopilot

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

New Navigation Updates in Aarki Studio

Best Practices for Events-Based Creative

Recap: Programmatic Connect SF

3 Tips to Optimize Your Retargeting Campaigns for 2019

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Predicting Lift with PSA Test Campaign

Join MoPub and Aarki at Programmatic Connect San Francisco

Programmatic Trends That Will Shape Mobile Marketing in 2019

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Creative Groups for Retargeting Success

See you at PocketGamer Connects London!

Publisher App Category Age Targeting Now Available in Aarki Encore

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Aarki 2018 Year in Review

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

The Impact of Localization on Your App Marketing Campaign

Bid Landscape Evolution

How to Leverage Programmatic for Your Retargeting Needs. Part 2: Creative Strategies

Usability Updates in Aarki Studio: Simplifying the Process of Creating Engaging Ads

Aarki Wins “Best Client Services Team” award at The Wires by Exchangewire

Have You Optimized Your Ads for the Holiday Season?

Discovering the Best Performing Display Ad

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

How to leverage programmatic for your retargeting needs? Part 1: Defining Segments

Aarki Ranked Number 19 Fastest Growing Company in North America and Number 4 in the Bay Area on Deloitte's 2018 Technology Fast 500™

App Promotion Summit is Back - Join us in Berlin!

Easy Site Category Targeting in Aarki DSP

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Creative Ideation for Refreshes

5 Best Creative Practices for App Retargeting

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Aarki Exceeds ROI Goals by over 800% With Chartboost

Aarki Announces Integration with Narrative

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Meet Us at App Growth Summit SF

Aarki Automates Adjust Audience Delivery

Creative Analysis: The Impact of Optimizing Ad Elements on Campaign Performance

Keeping Users Engaged Through Sequential Advertising

Sharing Audience Segments with Aarki via mParticle

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Kickstarting Programmatic Connect

New Navigation and Design Updates in Aarki Studio

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Meet Aarki at MGS Event in Canada!

Aarki Further Expands its Presence in APAC with a New Hire

Personalization Strategies for Retargeting for Games

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

What Is Deep Linking and Why Should Marketers Care?

Aarki Announces Cost Integration with AppsFlyer

Making the World a Better Place with Video Games

Mobile Growth Summit Europe Returns to Berlin: Don’t Miss It!

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Cutting Edge Techniques for Ad Creatives: Creative Frequency

Multivariate Testing: The Concept and Benefits

Aarki Announces Integration with Appsumer

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Nicol Cseko: Innovation In Ad Technology | Casual Connect Video

Aarki Event Recap: Casual Connect London and Mobile Growth Summit New York

Retargeting Creative Strategy for Puzzle Games

Reactivation Strategy: The Aarki Way

Aarki Welcomes North America Vice President of Sales

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

CAAF Spotlight: How Aarki works to fight fraud

Meet Aarki at Mobile Growth Summit New York!

Aarki is Heading to Casual Connect London. See You There!

Are you ready for GDPR?

Champion/Challenger Multivariate Testing

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Driving performance for a casual gaming developer with MoPub Inventory Packages

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

Aarki Wins “Best in Category for Online Ads” at the 16th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards Competition

Meet Aarki at MAU in Las Vegas!

Creative that Engages: Playable and HTML5 Animated ads

PMP vs. Open Exchange: Access a more exclusive, premium inventory with stable volume

Ad Creative in Retargeting Campaigns: With or Without Audio

Aarki Encore Inside Out

Are you heading to Game Developers Conference? So are we!

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

International Women's Day: The History, The Celebration and Aarki’s Contribution.

Aarki Event Recap: Mobile Growth Summit & Kochava Mobile Summit

Reactivation Strategy: Campaign Management

Aarki Announces Integration with Unity

Aarki Studio - Creative Design Suite

Aarki is Heading to Kochava Mobile Summit. See you there!

Using App Embeddings to Improve ROI Optimization Performance and Solve Cold Start Problem

Creating and Uploading AppsFlyer’s Audiences To Aarki

See You at Mobile Growth Summit!

2018 Programmatic Predictions, Part 2: How Mobile Industry Will Shape Out

Women in Mobile. Meet the Women Game Changers in the Mobile Industry

2017 Year Recap, Part 1: Challenges and Achievements

Aarki Announces East Coast Data Center Expansion

(Chartboost) Fighting Ad Fraud: Jampp & Aarki Discuss the Future of Transparent Programmatic

Webinar Recap: The Most Valuable Retargeting Strategies for Mobile Gaming Apps (EMEA)

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: How to Make the Most of It

Retargeting vs New User Acquisition: A Report from Adjust

Employee Spotlight: Susan Khloyan

Aarki Announces Integration with ONE by AOL

The Rise of Playable Ads

Using Multivariate for Geo Localization

Employee Spotlight: Milky Dapon

AdColony Partner Spotlight: Aarki

4 Tips on Using Creative to Win Quality Users

Webinar Recap: The Most Valuable Retargeting Strategies for Mobile Gaming Apps

Aarki Announces Integration with InMobi

Aarki Announces Integration with AppsFlyer Audiences

A Comparison of Display Ad Formats: HTML5 Animated vs. Static

(Chartboost) From Switzerland to the Philippines: Top Surprising Countries for Mobile ROI

Employee Spotlight: Igor Raush

Transparency and API Updates

(Adjust) Announcing CAAF: The Coalition Against Ad Fraud

Good Creative is Familiar

Aarki Announces Integration with Chartboost

Retargeting Optimization: Re-engage Your Lapsed Users

Aarki Announces Integration with AdColony

Employee Spotlight: Shushan Saribekyan

Scrubbing Now Available for Timeline

Suppression List Case Study

The State of Programmatic Advertising in the U.S.

(MoPub) Rewarded Video Ads Drive Performance For Social Casino Advertiser

Applaud - The Aarki Encore Podcast Episode 1: App Marketing with Encore

Aarki Announces Its Integration With Smaato

Employee Spotlight: Joanna Escueta

Case Study: Multiplicative Algorithm - Machine Learning Optimization to Drive Higher ROI

Leveraging External Datasets for Probability Prediction by Decomposing Probabilities

The State of Programmatic Advertising in APAC

Employee Spotlight: Claire Cruz

Aarki Announces its Integration with TUNE Multiverse

The State of Programmatic Advertising in Japan

Case Study: The Impact of Cross Promotion

Understanding Native Advertising. Part 1: Programmatic Native

Employee Spotlight: Gevorg Horomyan

Case Study: The Impact of Impression Attribution

Re-engaging Users Through Retargeting Campaign: Case Study

What’s Propelling Mobile Video Growth?

Aarki Announces Cost Integration with Kochava

Finding the Right Balance Between Explore vs Exploit Trade-offs. Part 1: Introduction

Aarki Announces EMEA Data Center Expansion

The Value of Real-Time Segmented Lists for Targeted Campaigns

Driving Higher Engagement with Vertical Video

How to Use App Analytics to Identify Your Ideal Target Customer

Using Non-Attributed Events to Build Lookalike Audiences

Reigning in Data for Creative Optimization. Part 3: Conclusions and Summaries

Aarki Announces APAC Data Center Expansion

The Importance of Frequency Management

Employee Spotlight: Aram Danielyan

Transfer Learning: An Approach for ROI Optimization

Reigning in Data for Creative Optimization. Part 2: Organize, Iterate and Challenge

Successful User Acquisition Strategies for Social Casino Games

Employee Spotlight: Arlene Sevilla

Industry Hot Topics, Challenges, Predictions by Sid Bhatt

Dynamic Creative Optimization Set for Mobile Adoption

Successful User Acquisition Strategies for Puzzle Games

An outsider’s guide to programmatic in China

Bayesian Approach to Transfer Learning: Predicting Rare Events

Understanding Impression Attribution

Employee Spotlight: Mark Kalygulov

How You Can Win Users with Rewarded Video

adjust and 12 Leading Ad Networks Partner to Fight Mobile Ad Fraud

(Kochava) Three Ways to Increase Your Audience Reach with the Kochava Collective

How To Keep Your App Users Engaged With App Marketing Tips

Reigning in Data for Creative Optimization. Part 1: The Process of Setting up Creatives

Programmatic Predictions for 2017: How Mobile Industry Will Shape Out

Mobile App Marketing Strategies: Then vs. Now

Understanding Two Different Retargeting Strategies: Cross-Promotion & Re-engagement

What Is A Mobile User Lifetime Value (LTV) & Why Is It Important?

All About Cross-Device Mobile App Marketing

Improving Quality of Mobile App Traffic Through Fraud Prevention

Differentiating Between Open Auction, Private Auction, & Preferred Deal in Programmatic Advertising

Should You Use Mobile Playable Ad On Your Next Campaign?

The Evolution of Mobile App Marketing Part 3: Lookalike Audience Targeting & Bespoke Segments

Optimizing Your Mobile Programmatic Advertising Strategies for Success

The Evolution of Mobile App Marketing Part 2: Cross-Promotion & Re-engagement

The Differences Between Native Advertising and Content Marketing

Understanding Hard And Soft Price Floors in Programmatic Media Buying

The Evolution of Mobile App Marketing Part 1: User Acquisition

Does Ad Size Matter in Mobile App Advertising?

Improving Mobile App Marketing Campaign Performance with Responsive Ad Creative

The Role of Mobile Devices in eCommerce

Leveraging Mobile Apps to Gain Customer Loyalty

The Effect of Programmatic Media Inventory Value on Campaign ROI

Mobile Device Usage and What It Means For Your App Marketing Strategy

Secondary Conversion, The Key to Driving App Marketing Return on Ad Spend

Leveraging Behavioral Cohorts for Mobile App Marketing

Understanding The Mobile Retargeting & Re-engagement Basics

Why Quality Matters Over Quantity When It Comes to Mobile App Users

(Apsalar) How Mobile App Measurement Reflects The New Era Of App Marketing

Understanding Dynamic Creative Optimization in Programmatic Advertising

(Apsalar) Using Data-Driven Marketing To Grow Travel Apps Part 4

Mobile Web vs. Mobile App: Which is Better for Your App Marketing Campaign?

(Apsalar) Using Data-Driven Marketing To Grow Travel Apps Part 3

Why Mobile Beats Desktop in Native Advertising

(Apsalar) Using Data-Driven Marketing To Grow Travel Apps Part 2

Programmatic Advertising: Getting Your Mobile Ads Seen

(Sensor Tower) 94% of U.S. App Store Revenue Comes From the Top 1% of Monetizing Publishers

(Apsalar) Using Data-Driven Marketing To Grow Travel Apps Part 1

Programmatic Advertising: Re-engaging Users Through Mobile Retargeting

(Apsalar) Mobile Ad Blocking And What We Can Do About It

Using Machine Learning to Predict Campaign Performance

Understanding Programmatic: Reserved and Unreserved Programmatic Direct

(Sensor Tower) 65 Million U.S. Shopping Category Downloads So Far: The Top Apps, Best Days, and More

(Apsalar) Driving ROI for Brand Apps - 10 Rules of Thumb

Which Ad Format Drives The Highest User Engagement?

(Apsalar) It's Time to Fix Your Mobile App Conversion Funnel Part 2

How Proximity-Based Marketing Can Be Beneficial for App Marketers

(Sensor Tower) Q1 2016 Data Digest: App Downloads Grew 8.2% Year-Over-Year

(Apsalar) It's Time to Fix Your Mobile App Conversion Funnel Part 1

How Can Programmatic Creative Elevate Your App Marketing?

(Apsalar) Using ARPU and ARPPU in Mobile App ROI and Media Allocation Analysis

Solving for The Ad Blocking Epidemic

How Does Creative Optimization Affect Your App Marketing Campaign Performance?

(Sensor Tower) U.S. iPhone Users Spent an Average of $35 on Apps in 2015

(Kochava) Configurable Attribution Part 5: Get the Reports You’re Missing

How To Get High Quality Users Who Will Help Your Mobile App Achieve Stronger ROI

(Kochava) Configurable Attribution Part 4: View-Through Attribution

Setting Up Your Mobile Advertising Campaign for Success

Post-Install Optimization of App Marketing Campaigns

(Kochava) Configurable Attribution Part 3: Device Reconciliation

Delivering the Right Message to the Right Audience with Personalized App Marketing

The App Marketing Benefits of Sharing Non-Attributed Information

Insightful Snippets from Shoptalk, the NextGen Commerce Event

(Kochava) Configurable Attribution Part 2: Fingerprinting

The Evolution of Mobile Advertising

(Kochava) Configurable Attribution Part 1: Leveraging Lookback Windows

Which Ad Formats Should You Use On Your Next Campaign?

Programmatic Advertising, The Future of Mobile Marketing

Transparency, The Key to Success in Programmatic Advertising

Predicting Ad Click-Through Rate: Strategies For Incorporating State Dependence and Random Effects

Leveraging DMA Targeting in Mobile Advertising

The App Marketing Benefits of Private Marketplace Deals

Bridging The Gap Between Creative And Media In Mobile App Marketing

Is Facebook Right In Nixing Its Demand-Side Platform For Atlas?

Why Successful App Marketing Starts With Mobile Deep Linking

Keeping Your Ad Creative Refreshed

Impact of Creative Optimization on Campaign ROI

China: The Mobile Hot Spot

The Chameleon of Ad Tech: Native Advertising

No Room for Ad Fraud

2016 U.S. Ad Tech Trends Predictions Part 2

A Case for Multivariate Creative Optimization

2016 U.S. Ad Tech Trends Predictions Part 1

The Trinity of V’s in Big Data Analytics

Mobile Gaming, Where Is It Headed?

Israel. 'StartUp Nation' No More?

A Report from Scrum Ventures CEO Summit, Japan

Come See Us at Casual Connect SF Booth 510!

Key Best Practices for Maps in Mobile Ads

Europe’s Biggest Mobile Game Advertising Creative Pain Point – Localization

Fewer Partners, Better Users

Multivariate Ad Optimization and A/B Testing, Can You Tell the Siblings Apart?

#MultivariateAd Challenge

Mobile Video Ad Solutions for Faster Ad Loading and Rendering

Multivariate Creative Optimization: Give the People What They Want

HTML5 for Mobile Video Ads, the Flash Killer

Move Aside Media, Make Way for the Creative

Designer Tip #8: Love at First Sight

Designer Tip #7: A Framework for Building Interfaces

Designer Tip #6: Improving Click Quality by Optimizing Creative in Interactive Ads

If Content is King, Distribution is King Kong

Designer Tip #5: Designing Joyful Experiences

Local Advertising at Next Year’s Super Bowl

Ways to Improve your Call to Action and Boost your Click-Through Rate

5 Key Mobile Advertising Trends for Brands

6 Emerging Trends in Digital Advertising

2015 Likely to be a Year of Continuing Shifts for User Acquisition Performance Marketing

Robust Architecture. Strong Platform. Joyful Creative.

Top 2014 Advertising Trends for Publishers

Designer Tip #4: Using local advertising to help drive up ROI of holiday ads

Exciting New Video Features in Aarki Studio

Digital in Italy, IAB Milan Forum

Designer Tip #3: Feed-Based Ads, Feeding the Need for a Solution to Creative Burnout

See you at Apps World Europe!

Three Advertising Lessons from Hallow’s Eve

Designer Tip #2: Designing the Perfect Creative

Designer Tip #1: How to Increase Completion Rate for Your Video Ad

Hot Trends for Paris Games Week

Accelerate Ad Creation and Increase Performance with Cloning and Templates

Aarki, pioneer and evangelist of mobile advertising in MENA countries, attending Dubai World Game Expo

Japan Sees Acceleration In Interactive Advertising

How Can You Stay Ahead of the Mobile Advertising Curve?

London's Digital Fashion Week

Three Predictions for Ad Week 2014

The Advertising #NextList by Aarki

Interactive Advertising Analytics Best Practices

Aarki's Gamescom Cologne Recap

Casual Connect SF 2014

Connected Lives, Connected Interactive Ads.

Creative Best Practices for Programmatic and Premium Campaigns

Interactive advertising and Aarki, a love story.

Aarki Expands Global Reach with New Offices in Beijing, New York City and Tokyo

At the Beginning.

The Perfect Home for Native Ads.

Changing the Conversation with Interactive Ads

The Year of Multiscreen

Technical Realities for Creative Concepts

Measuring Engagement.

Stay Inspired.

Aarki Studio Launches at ad:tech

Interactive, Multiscreen Mini-Game Ads Provide Highest Engagement and Performance

Making Rich Media Advertising Better, Faster, Easier

Multiscreen Advertising is Here to Stay!

General Motors and Mobile: An Auto Industry Leader

Successful Omnichannel Begins With Mobile

Marketers More Knowledgeable About Mobile

Leading the Charge: CPG Invests in Mobile

Invest in Mobile This Holiday Season

Ad Week Wrap-up: Aarki in New York

Supercharged: The Auto Industry Gears Up for Mobile

Global Ad Spend Shifts to Mobile & Digital Video

Mobile Native Advertising: Can It Measure Up?

Branded Mobile: Consumers are King

Guest Blog: App Design That Stands Out In A Crowded Marketplace

The Growth of the Chinese Mobile Market

Guest Blog: The Right Way to Monetize Your App With Ads

The Future of Mobile Engagement

The Growth of the Mobile Media Consumer

Rich Media Takes the Lead in Mobile Advertising

Brand-Safe Mobile Advertisements, Guaranteed

Casual Connect SF: A Year in Gaming Reviewed

Keeping Mobile Private

The Rise of the Super Publisher: Topping the Charts with Publishing Partners

Mobile Application and Web Advertising Metrics Have Been Standardized

The Future of Mobile Monetization Lies With Premium Brands

Choosing the Right App Monetization Model

How do the best mobile game developers succeed?

What’s Slowing the Shift to Mobile?

Going Beyond the Banner

The Shift Towards Native Integrated Brand Ads

Our Self-Serve Advertiser Portal Got a Makeover

Mobile Gaming USA Recap: Succeeding as an Indie Developer

Expansion to China kicks-off with GMIC Beijing

Springing into a new look at GDC 2013!

Engagement Advertising & Rich Media: The Future of Brand Ads

Succeeding as an App Developer Series II: User Growth: Quantity vs Quality?

Defining Mobile Ad Engagement

Succeeding as an App Developer Series Kickoff: iOS or Android?

Apps World SF Recap: Mobile Gaming & Brand Engagement

Summer Heats Up for the Mobile Gaming Industry

The Hidden Cost of Exclusivity

Aarki Recap on Conferences Attended in the First Quarter of 2012