(Adjust) Announcing CAAF: The Coalition Against Ad Fraud

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We’re continuing to take the fight to mobile ad fraud with a new anti-fraud alliance known as the Coalition Against Ad Fraud, or CAAF.

What is CAAF?

The Coalition Against Ad Fraud is made up from key members of mobile marketing, including attribution vendors and ad networks. Everyone involved shares an aligned view to stopping ad fraud, and matches what they say by what they do, by actively engaging with, talking about, and preventing fraud from happening.

All CAAF members collaborate on an agreed set of guidelines that all members adhere to. These guidelines cover key topics, such as who is responsible for preventing fraud (and where), as well as the best methods for fraud detection and prevention.

Through mutual collaboration and participation, CAAF strives to ultimately succeed in stemming the tide of mobile ad fraud.

What CAAF members have to say

Current CAAF members include Aarki, AdAction, AdColony, AppLift, Dynalyst, Fyber, i-mobile, InMobi, IronSource, Jampp, Liftoff, Nend, Remerge,  Vungle and YouAppi, and each had something to say about their new membership, which you can read more about below:

"The rapid growth of the mobile app advertising market has lead to a significant increase in mobile ad fraud and ad fraud sophistication. Through investing in fraud detection and protection initiatives, Aarki is committing to enable a more transparent ecosystem where marketers pay only for the ads that are verified and drive real value. To further our fight against ad fraud we are excited to be a Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF) member and join others in the industry to combat this problem together."



Director of Product, Aarki


"We’re all seeing how ad fraud is negatively impacting the mobile industry and what’s at stake for the future if things don’t change. Joining CAAF gives us the opportunity to take a united stand with other industry experts, sharing our knowledge and experiences to help develop high-quality technology that prevents fraud and eliminates the rate at which it’s impacting advertisers’ ad spend."


CEO, AdAction

"Fraud is inherent to any advertising ecosystem, but it can be mitigated with cooperation from all parties involved. We are excited to partner with Adjust to elevate standards, improve transparency, and ultimately build the highest quality ecosystem for our clients."



VP Growth, AdColony


"AppLift and Adjust fraud teams have been working extremely proactively together in the past two years, exchanging learnings from one another on how to find and circumvent fraud at its roots. We are happy to join the coalition and believe that with enough joint force by strong players in the industry, we can and will cut fraudulent activity."



Managing Director and CRO, Applift


"As mobile ad fraud becomes more sophisticated and varied, every day we are looking to improve methods to combat it. Partnering with Adjust, a leader in fraud prevention tools, is a step towards fighting this serious issue of ad fraud. By working together in such a partnership, we believe we can provide Adjust clients with an environment where they can expect trusted and credible advertising results."



COO, Dynalyst

"We are joining CAAF because we want to eliminate ad fraud and provide an environment where advertisers can run mobile ads with confidence. In order to fight mobile ad fraud, we are committing to data transparency and technological development so that we can provide an even better product for our clients."



Ad Network Department Director, i-mobile


"As part of our ongoing efforts to eradicate mobile advertising fraud, InMobi is thrilled to join the CAAF and work with the rest of the industry to combat this very serious problem. In order for us all to emerge victorious in the fight against mobile fraud, the advertising industry must collaborate by sharing data and develop new technologies to identify and prevent fraud. The fraud prevention standards required by the CAAF help create a level playing field for clean ad networks, like InMobi, with premium SDK inventory and sophisticated fraud prevention systems to give advertisers better confidence that they are generating incremental users from their marketing investments."



Chief Product Officer, InMobi


"Combating fraud at every level has been a central focus for ironSource over the past year - from our Active Protect program to our dedicated anti-fraud task force. But as much as we've succeeded the real key to solving fraud on a macro level involves diverse industry players working together, making initiatives like this all the more important. We're incredibly proud to be launch partners of the Coalition Against Ad Fraud, and we believe that working together will not only serve to generate new strategies for combating fraud, but will also make the entire ecosystem safer for advertisers."



VP Growth, IronSource


"Fighting ad fraud is mostly a technological challenge which requires that companies work together on a data-driven approach. Data granularity and transparency regarding attribution and media buying are a must, that's why we eagerly join Adjust’s Coalition Against Ad Fraud. The mobile space needs more companies working together to make the industry stronger and more transparent."



Measurement Product Manager, Jampp



"Mobile fraud is a serious issue that is impacting app publishers across the entire mobile ecosystem. We are pleased to join forces with Adjust and other industry partners to tackle the issue head on. Only by working together can we prevent fraudsters from stealing both attribution and marketing dollars from marketers on the front line of mobile."



VP Marketing, LiftOff

"In Japan, fraudulent installs are not only increasing, but the methods of frauds are constantly changing as well. By partnering with Adjust, an outstanding mobile app marketing tool, we are able to promptly respond to detected rejected installs and allow marketers to evaluate proper ad performance."



Product Manager, nend


"Fraud prevention is a key tenet of YouAppi's 360 Degree Growth Marketing platform, and we consider it mission critical to keep our customers protected from the ever-changing faces of ad fraud. We're excited to join forces with Adjust's CAAF and help deliver solutions that drive fraud protection forward for the benefit of the entire industry."



CTO, YouAppi

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