adjust and 12 Leading Ad Networks Partner to Fight Mobile Ad Fraud


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At a summit for mobile ad network and app marketing platform leaders in Berlin, Adjust announced a lineup of 12 networks and app marketing platforms that have come together with the common purpose of fighting mobile ad fraud. This partnership has been officially undersigned by Aarki, Chartboost, ClicksMob, Criteo, crobo, Glispa, IronSource, Jampp, Remerge, Startapp, Tapjoy and Vungle.

Ad fraud is a billion-dollar issue plaguing every publisher in the mobile industry. It’s imperative for every facet of the advertising ecosystem to work together in battling fraud to be more effective and prevent fraudsters from exploiting gaps in the system.

Christian Henschel, CEO of Adjust, said: “We believe the only way to fight performance ad fraud is by creating a transparent environment for mobile ad networks and advertisers alike. Fighting ad fraud requires a continued investment into technology, and the willingness of partners to align and collaborate. This is why we’ve engaged the leading global ad networks for this alliance on a key issue affecting us all.”

The group has set out to develop global standards for fraud detection and prevention, which will be employed by its members for client brands and digital agencies. Each company in the partnership is dedicating resources or technology for fighting against mobile ad fraud. Any suspicious activity detected by Adjust’s filters will be reported to the ad networks through the available APIs, excluded from billing and as such from analytics. The APIs made available by Adjust to networks will provide all of the requisite data for ad networks to filter, exclude, and eliminate traffic that results in rejected attributions.

Paul Longhenry, SVP of Strategy, Corporate and Business Development for Tapjoy said, “As one of the first and largest customer acquisition channels in the mobile app market, we are happy to work with partners like Adjust who are taking a serious stance against mobile performance fraud. Adjust’s fraud prevention tools give marketers peace of mind and transparency into the traffic they are buying, and thanks to the Adjust APIs, marketers never pay for fraudulent installs. This means that fraudulent activity is never rewarded in-app, which creates a more sustainable and higher quality ecosystem for everyone.”

Sid Bhatt, CEO of Aarki, said: “Delivering high ROI to mobile app marketers has always been a priority at Aarki. It’s also why we have fostered a strong partnership with Adjust - we both believe in providing app marketers with complete transparency. With Adjust’s fraud prevention suite, app marketers can now prevent and exclude low quality traffic from being attributed instead of detecting and solving for it.”

Alexander Oelfke, COO at crobo, said: “crobo’s collaboration with Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite revolutionized the way we prevent fraudulent activity to our advertisers. We strongly suggest to any organism within the apps ecosystem engaged with performance user acquisition strategy to utilize the fraud prevention technology and services. FPS from Adjust would serve any company who declares their clients’ traffic quality as one of their top objectives as crobo does.”

Robert Lagus, Associate Director Network Operations at Glispa Global Group, said: “Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite makes it easier to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. We encourage anyone engaging in performance UA to utilize the fraud prevention technology and services, such as FPS from Adjust. Everyone in the mobile marketing ecosystem should be working towards driving compliant, sustainable traffic.”

For more details on mobile ad fraud prevention, visit adjust to see a case study and learn more.

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