Ad Creative in Retargeting Campaigns: With or Without Audio


In today’s digital world, app marketers need to be savvy using every possible means to grab their target audiences attention and knowing each element in the creative ad that catches user’s interest leads the app marketing campaigns to success. In this article, we are going to determine the real value of the creative ad per audio type for retargeting campaigns. We analyzed the MRAID performance in Chartboost to know whether the creative ads with audio perform better than the creative ads without audio.


Advertisers aim to always drive high return on investment (ROI) with a low cost per install (CPI). To better understand the effect of audio to retargeting campaigns’ performance, our in-house designers with extensive experience in developing a variety of ad formats, designed several creative variants with and without audio. We ran the campaigns in the major ad exchanges  across the top spending countries.


Between the two audio types, the audible creative run in both iOS and android platforms performed better, with lower CPI and higher ROI.

  • CTR and CR

Creative ads with audio outperformed the inaudible ads in terms of CTR on iOS platform, with a 20% difference. But the opposite was seen in running ads on android, where CTR of inaudible ads performed 35% better as compared with the audible ads.

Both the audio types didn’t vary much in terms of the CR, but running on android showed greater performance with 123% better CR as compared with iOS.

  • CPI and ROI

Audible creative ads run on the android platform had 68% lower CPI as compared with inaudible ads and the same pattern is seen on the iOS platform with audible having 15% better CPI as compared to the other.

ROI for both ad types run on iOS didn’t vary much but a huge difference was seen on ads run on android. Audible creative ad types generated a huge 100% ROI difference as compared with inaudible.  


The results showed that irrespective of the fact that CTR of inaudible ads outperformed audible ones on android platform and the CR of both audio types was almost similar, the advertiser’s KPIs, CPI and ROI, showed better results in audible ad creatives.

Creative plays a huge role in making retargeting campaigns perform better. By using a streamlined process, insightful strategies, engaging creative ads, and continuous data analyses and optimization, Aarki helps your app grow.


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