Aarki Welcomes North America Vice President of Sales

Aarki is pleased to announce and welcome Kim Carlson as VP of Sales, Americas who will lead sales and strategic partnerships across Aarki’s growing global business.

With Kim's addition to the team, Aarki further reinforces its commitment to providing performance at scale for mobile app customers globally by offering its product that leverages machine learning algorithms and unifies creative and media optimization to an even larger reach.

We keep creativity at the core of advertising by finding new and innovative solutions to advertising mobile apps through our proprietary platform, Aarki Encore. This platform allows us to develop highly engaging personalized HTML5 creative ads that provide far-reaching and compelling ad creatives generating higher return on investment.

Sid Bhatt, CEO and Co-Founder of Aarki, said: “We believe that continuous innovation and scale is a significant step for us to stay ahead in programmatic advertising. With global growth comes the need for additional strong strategic leaders who will support the team in expanding the customer base even more and will share our experiences and learnings on user acquisition and retargeting strategies.”

Photo_Kim C

 Kim Carlson
  VP of Sales - Americas

"Having been in the mobile space for the last nine years, I've seen a lot of changes—some for better and certainly some challenges as well. What I do believe is that the mobile programmatic space is maturing quickly and further success is on the horizon for mobile performance marketers. Companies like Aarki that have focused on customer satisfaction first, while building the key components to technical differentiation with fraud detection, dynamic bidding, and creative optimization are poised for a trajectory of success.

I'm thrilled to be joining a dynamic global team and look forward to providing great service to mobile marketers worldwide."

As interest for programmatic advertising continues to grow, Aarki is investing in its executive bench to further expand its already cutting edge technology and deliver superior app marketing performance to an even larger segment of app developers.

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