Aarki Studio - Creative Design Suite

We have seen a major shift to programmatic buying with a focus on creative optimization over the last few years. Marketers are beginning to notice the impact of creative on ROI and on the overall success of an app marketing campaign. Keeping up with the dynamic changes in the industry, Aarki helps advertisers deliver superior app marketing performance through the unification of dynamic creative optimization and programmatic media buying via its proprietary creative platform, Aarki Studio.

Aarki Studio makes it very easy to build engaging and interactive HTML5 creative. It’s pre-packaged with widgets and drag and drop features and is very easy to use. Also, revisions to live creative can be made quickly and in real-time, without needing to pause the live creative

Designers can create video ads, playable ads (mini games), or any ad with rich animation in a matter of minutes. With the recent addition of the scrubbing feature, it’s also possible to review and fine-tune animation without leaving the editor interface. Aarki Studio significantly reduces ad creation time with pre-existing templates and allows advertisers to create their own templates that make future ad creation a two-click process.

Watch the video to learn more on the creation of engaging and catchy creatives using Aarki Studio:

Mobile programmatic is rapidly evolving and Aarki is leading the way by developing products that leverage machine learning algorithms to unify creative and media optimization. Stay tuned for more Aarki Studio updates and make sure every dollar is spent on the right creative.


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