Aarki Puts Creative Optimization on Autopilot


We are excited to announce that automated creative testing is now available in Aarki’s programmatic advertising platform, Aarki Encore.

We can now automate the testing of different optimization options like the champion/challenger iteration for ad creatives. Putting the creative optimization tests on autopilot allows us to converge on the right ad creative even more quickly and intelligently. This update will take ad performance to a whole new level by speeding up the entire process of identifying the best ad creative.

Interested? Here’s how it works: our models pick the ad creative with the highest click-through rate or install rate (depending on optimization type) and explore all creative variants that can fit the particular campaign. This is crucial when introducing a new creative, whose click-through rate is a random variable with high uncertainty.

Wondering what’s next? Watch out for more updates coming soon.


Topics: Product