Aarki Encore Inside Out

Mobile advertising continues to grow at a rapid pace, thus, industry leading companies are adopting more innovative technologies and new strategies for acquiring and retaining high LTV users.

See how Aarki redefines mobile programmatic app marketing.

How Did It All Begin?

Aarki has been around for 9 years. We started out as a mobile-first rich media platform working with game developers and publishers who wanted to create highly interactive MRAID ads.

The experience showed that investing in testing and optimizing creative ads led to better campaign performance. However, the creative optimization was disconnected from the media and audience campaign optimization.

Through this experience, we saw an opportunity to combine programmatic media buying and performance-oriented creative services for app marketers and five years ago we launched our own DSP. Since then, we’ve been working with several top mobile game developers to provide unified media and creative optimization to deliver superior app marketing performance.

Power of Creatives

Through our data-driven ad creatives and continuous ROI analysis, we develop highly engaging HTML5 creatives and videos scaling our campaigns. As a result, we serve far-reaching and compelling creatives that perform better and deliver higher ROI.

“Best ads are ads which are visually appealing and also most relevant to the users. Aarki Encore is a platform which lets app developers and ad developers optimize for both at the same time. We let them find the best users and also iterate on the creative and show them the best ads that are most appealing to the audience,” said Levon Budagyan CTO of Aarki.   

Machine Learning Technologies

Machine learning algorithms are often black boxes and carefully choosing and adjusting the right model leads to the winning formula. Our experience working with casual and social casino developers enables us to further develop more sophisticated and customized algorithms that forecast revenue opportunities from users and collect knowledge on what works and does not work in terms of creative ads – letting us provide continued campaign performance success for our advertisers.

“Aarki Encore implements a very powerful machine learning algorithm which accounts for state dependence, prior information, random effects. It’s a probabilistic interpretation of more simplistic machine learning algorithms that are published today,” said Igor Raush, Software Engineer at Aarki.

Watch the video to learn more why Aarki is the best fit for your mobile programmatic campaigns:

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