Aarki Encore Adds More Anti-Fraud Checks

Aarki Anti-Fraud

The rapid growth of the mobile app advertising market has led to a significant increase in mobile ad fraud and ad fraud sophistication. Aarki is actively working to prevent fraud to ensure that marketers are spending their advertising dollars on the right users. We do this in several ways: by vetting the supply sources carefully and focusing on pure RTB enabled traffic, and by leveraging our machine learning capabilities.

On a campaign level, our analysts work with our partners and clients to review all campaigns for anomalies to investigate. Our campaigns and models are almost exclusively optimized on post-install performance, which values user impressions that correlate to positive post-install user behavior. In addition, we also actively review and block suspicious activity. With our latest updates, we monitor and set limits on devices and the impressions and clicks they can generate. Impressions and clicks that appear suspicious will lead to the device being blocked by our bidder.

This update aims to add more checks on suspicious activity to ensure that marketers pay only for the ads that are verified and drive real value.


Topics: Product