Aarki Automates Adjust Audience Delivery


Programmatic advertising continues to shift away from simply impressions to a more advanced audience-targeted approach. Adjust Audience Builder simplifies the process. We are excited to go deeper in our integration—automating Adjust audience delivery and audience updates to our buying platform. This allows advertisers to create customized user lists and push them directly to campaigns.


“We can now leverage our integration with Adjust Audience Builder more effectively,” said Nicol Cseko, VP of Product at Aarki. “Our mutual customers have total control over the audience segments they share with us and our deeper, more automated integration improves the efficiency of our campaigns. That’s because the dynamically updated audience lists are passed directly to bidders, ensuring we are only targeting (or excluding) users who are in the audience criteria.”

What is the most beneficial part of this integration?

  • Advertisers can create audience lists right from their Adjust Dashboard and share them with Aarki in a matter of minutes
  • There's no limit to how detailed the segments can be. The criteria can be diverse: opens, retention, days lapsed, purchases, purchase level, in-app activity, events triggered, and many more
  • Fully automated data transfer with no need to update CSVs, reupload data or force a sync. Aarki DSP will automatically check Adjust URL updates to the audience
  • Audience lists can be leveraged for different mobile advertising strategies, including retargeting and re-engagement, suppression lists, lookalike audience targeting, or cross-promotion

By automating the data transfer process and making the audiences dynamic, we aim to further improve campaign targeting capabilities and ensure that your marketing dollars are spent on the right users.


Topics: Product