Aarki Announces Integration with Narrative


Data analytics and data management platforms have revolutionized the mobile advertising industry, allowing app marketers to deliver highly targeted messaging to their prospective users.

Aarki is excited to announce its integration with Narrative, an efficient and intuitive data trading platform that simplifies the data buying process.

“Our partnership with Narrative allows us to acquire rich data and provide more targeted user acquisition and retargeting campaigns to our clients. With its simplified data access, we can now reach users on a more granular level and deliver even more data-driven mobile app advertising solutions,” says Kim Aquino, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Aarki.

With the help of the data received from Narrative, we will refine and retune our machine learning algorithm and bidding models, ensuring that our clients are getting the most out of their marketing budget.

“The Machine Learning which fuels Aarki’s strong performance requires high fidelity data in an unadulterated form,” says Narrative CEO Nick Jordan. “Partners like Aarki demand more transparency and control than 3rd party segments can provide. Narrative’s goal is to make it easy to identify and acquire atomic-level data to feed the models which drive algorithmic decisioning.”


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