Aarki Announces Integration with Chartboost


Aarki announces its integration with Chartboost, one of the largest mobile games-based growth and ad monetization platforms.

This integration gives Aarki access to Chartboost’s premium global in-app inventory. Their focus on mobile games allows us to reach our target audiences at scale. In addition, Chartboost’s total transparency enables us to target inventory we want to access, know where the spend is going, and how it is performing.

“This integration allows Aarki to programmatically reach a 100% games audience and deliver programmatic media at scale. Chartboost’s global in-app inventory and high-quality users are a perfect fit for our advertisers,” said Nicol Cseko, Director of Product at Aarki.

“We’re excited to partner with Aarki in diversifying demand for our customers while opening access to the high quality mobile gaming audience, ” said Maria Alegre, CEO and Co-founder of Chartboost. The industry is seeing the power of programmatic buying on mobile and key integrations like this continue to help marketers be successful connecting to in-app inventory at scale.

About Chartboost

Founded in 2011, Chartboost is the largest mobile games-based  growth and ad monetization platform. Reaching over 900M unique users every month across more than 300,000 mobile games, Chartboost works with 90% of the top grossing iOS and Android game developers. Through Chartboost Exchange, Network, and Influence, Chartboost empowers game developers to earn top eCPMs while connecting advertisers to highly engaged audiences. The Chartboost SDK is the highest integrated independent mobile ad SDK.

Chartboost is a Sequoia-backed company with offices in San Francisco (HQ) and Amsterdam. For more information, please visit www.chartboost.com

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