Aarki Announces Integration with AppsFlyer Audiences


Running a data-driven mobile app marketing campaign doesn’t have to be difficult. The integration of data management and programmatic advertising platforms makes it easy for marketers to transfer and leverage data for their campaigns through a single API in seconds.

Aarki announces its integration with AppsFlyer Audiences. This aims to further improve campaign targeting capabilities, “allowing marketers to define a target segment and dynamically sync all devices that fit that segment profile to integrated media sources,” said Ben Roodman, Director of Partner Development at AppsFlyer.

“Advertisers can leverage their retargeting campaigns by using AppsFlyer Audiences. Say goodbye to manual updates of CSVs and embrace the fully automated data transfer, saving you time and energy,” said Kim Aquino, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Aarki.

Why Does It Matter?

Targeted messages based on a user’s experience will perform better as they are more likely to grab the user's attention and drive installs. For example, showing a lapsed user who has left the game at level 15 the theme of the same level will work better than showing the level 1 theme. AppsFlyer’s Audiences platform gives marketers an opportunity to track the users at each stage of their conversion funnel and send relevant messaging tailored to their place in the funnel.

What is the most beneficial part of this integration?

  • Advertisers can set up custom audience segments in under 10 seconds
  • No need to update CSVs, reupload data or force a sync—the data is synced to the advertisers’ preferred sources and updated automatically
  • Fully automated data transfer process via API integrations make audiences dynamic, updating the segments based on new user engagement
  • AppsFlyer Audiences can be leveraged for different mobile advertising strategies, including retargeting and re-engagement, lookalike audience targeting, cross-promotion or exclusion segmentation


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