Aarki Announces Cost Integration with Kochava


Aarki is excited to announce the cost integration with Kochava which aims to simplify the complexity of mobile ad campaign analytics and optimization. With this integration, Kochava brings all the data into a single dashboard and gives the advertisers the capability to correctly compute ROI, as the missing part of the puzzle, i.e., cost data is now available with other measurement metrics such as revenue data, impressions, clicks, installs and events.

“This integration allows Aarki to deliver programmatic media at a scale that can be met by few others in the industry. The analytics dashboard allows our customers to see the impact of the technology and innovation, to exercise complete control over their campaigns in real time. The advertisers now have a complete visibility into their advertising ROI,” said Nicol Cseko, Director of Product at Aarki.

Why Does It Matter?

As the mobile advertising industry continues to grow and innovate at a fast pace, advertisers become more and more sophisticated and consequently, the demand in data transparency is growing. They are looking for more effective information about their campaign performance that does not require analyses from multiple sources.

“Quality, transparent data flow is the lifeblood of good decision making. With the addition of cost data, Aarki is giving marketers the best insight possible on their campaigns, all of which helps drive performance and ROI. We are thrilled to support Aarki in their efforts to give marketers the most granular view of their traffic, “ said James Benoit, Manager of Technical Partnerships at Kochava.

What is the most beneficial part of this integration? Let’s view point by point:

  • No hassle in collecting data - Advertisers no longer have to spend their time collecting data manually, piece by piece.
  • Single dashboard to understand ROI -  Advertisers get a single platform that pulls together all the data they need to better optimize ROI: cost data, impressions, clicks, installs, and events.
  • More transparency in data - The integration goes beyond analyzing revenue numbers, this provides all the necessary data for advertisers to better understand the expenses of their ad campaign.
  • Ability to compare the cost data from all networks - Advertisers are now able to compare the cost data from different networks to make decisions on future ad bidding.

By receiving cost data from Aarki’s API, Kochava allows advertisers to view cost data (and ROI) at the most granular level across the campaign.

To learn about how Aarki can help you reach your app marketing goals, please email partnerships@aarki.com.

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