Aarki Announces Cost Integration with AppsFlyer


Aarki announces its cost integration with AppsFlyer to bring campaign transparency to the next level. Marketers should have complete visibility and control over their campaigns in real-time and in a single dashboard with all the necessary information for calculating return on investment (ROI).

With this cost integration, Aarki allows app marketers to track their investment at a more granular level and see where their ad dollars are spent. They can easily measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and allocate their marketing budget accordingly.

Grab the benefits

Along with other technology advancements, app marketers are trying to find more accurate and easier ways to collect insightful information and AppsFlyer’s dashboard offers this ability. Why does this matter?  

  • Media cost data lets app marketers fully understand the real cost of an ad campaign in a single place without the need to collect and combine data from multiple sources
  • More insightful reports allow app marketers to make more data-driven decisions

"Aarki’s cost integration with AppsFlyer simplifies the complexity of mobile ad campaign analytics by allowing hassle-free data collecting. The single dashboard makes it easy to track our investment and to have a complete visibility into our advertising ROI," Misha Syrotiuk, Head of Networks & DSPs at Huuuge Games.

Setting Up Aarki

Step 1: Log in to your AppsFlyer dashboard and click “Integrated Partners” on the left bar.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 14.18.06
Step 2: Enter "Aarki" in the search field and click on Aarki’s logo to open the configuration window.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 14.19.50

Click on this link to read more about Aarki’s configuration settings.

Excited about this integration? Give it a try and see the direct impact of your decisions on your app marketing performance.


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