A Report from Scrum Ventures CEO Summit, Japan

Let’s take a peek into the world of venture capital (VC) and startups in Japan! Last Wednesday, many VC firms gathered to network with startups at the Scrum Ventures CEO Summit 2015 at Tech Lab Paak in Shibuya, Japan. Our Sr. Manager of Business Development, Hiro Kurata, had the chance to attend the event as Aarki’s representative.


The startup trend.

The host of the summit, Scrum Ventures, has been identified as the most active VC firm in Japan last year. They have been investing in one or two companies per month and to date, their portfolio includes almost 40 companies including Aarki. The reality is we are living in an era where startups are on the rise and venture capital (VC) firms across the globe are competing to invest. In Japan, the startup culture is also catching on. Discovering the next success story and becoming a part of it has become a trend that Japanese VC firms don’t want to miss out on.

Expanding market.

Times are changing and so is the market landscape. With internet population at its peak and only increasing more by the day, global market expansion is inevitable. As more and more businesses shift gears toward going mobile, the Japanese market is also following this trend. In fact, the mobile industry in Japan is on the rise and gaining momentum, opening exciting new doors for Japanese VC firms and startups.

The possibilities in this space are endless and as an adtech company, Aarki finds this opportunity exciting. With more Japanese businesses entering the mobile space, more needs for app marketing also surface. That’s where Aarki comes in. We want to help these apps gain the market exposure they need, whether in Japan or globally. We believe that we can offer the missing pieces these apps need to become the next success story in Japan.

To learn more about how Aarki can help your app succeed, please visit our homepage at www.aarki.com.

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