5 Best Creative Practices for App Retargeting


With limited mobile storage space and millions of apps that users can choose from, the challenge of making your app stand out is ever present. It is one thing to get a user to download an app, and another to keep them engaged. So how can you face the challenge and keep your users engaged? The answer is having the right creative and retargeting strategy.

At Aarki, we help app marketers achieve their retargeting goals through leveraging data to make highly interactive and personalized creatives. We determine the best performing creative variant through multivariate testing, which works by testing various creative elements like ad copy, game characters, and colors.

After the testing, creative iterations are done to provide insights on which elements are attracting users more. This process works by finding out a champion creative element variant or the creative with the best KPI. A challenger creative which competes with the champion is regularly introduced to make sure fresh creative is served to the users.

Based on the multivariate testing and creative iterations we’ve done, here are five creative practices which delivered the most successful results:

1. Show users what’s new in your app 

Continuously spark the interest of your users by updating them with your app’s latest levels, themes, quests, characters, or gameplay strategies. This has proven to be effective in keeping long-time or high-level players engaged. Showing lapsed users the progress in the game is also an effective way to keep players interested.  


2. Use gameplay boosters

Gameplay boosters provide better gaming experiences to users. Showing how Special In-Game currency and Special Boosters can help them finish their quests or levels faster consistently produces good results. The effect on the engagement of different boosters varies. On some apps, the best boosters being used in a creative can get as much as 20% CTR with more than 200,000 impressions at a very low amount of CPC.



3. Provide daily game bonuses

These daily game bonuses can take the form of daily rewards (rewards for logging in consecutively) or daily spin (randomly give items/boosters/currency). This is effective with players who don’t open the app frequently as they will be enticed to log in more often for the daily bonuses.


4. Create game events

The effect of creating game events vary. Events that are readily accessible to new players could encourage them to play more and perhaps purchase In-Game items and boosters that will help them finish the game level. Events that have strict requirements could provide good competition among long-time and paying users, which could, in turn, show a good boost in ROI. Meanwhile, ads that are themed to a certain event, season, or holiday could target a specific audience directly related to the event.


5. Make game characters relevant

Lapsed users will more likely re-open the app and be encouraged to play again if they can resonate with the game characters. Memorable game characters used in ads can boost CTR significantly. This is why it is essential to plan the characters well and successfully execute the creative elements that go with the characters.


To sum it up

Optimizing creative is an essential part of communicating your message to your users. Every element in a creative plays a role. Testing different elements, having metrics to determine which works, and regularly refreshing creatives are keys to achieving app marketing success.

Topics: Retargeting, Creative Insights