4 Tips on Using Creative to Win Quality Users


By Kass Yboa, Associate Creative Director 

Are your ads giving the wrong idea about your app? Are your creatives getting you the installs but not the retention? Will only 24% to 29% of users re-engage with your app in the 24 hours after first use, as eMarketer states? Here are four tips to improve user retention through creatives.

1. Be honest

The old adage “honesty is the best policy” could not be truer when it comes to advertising with user retention in mind. It makes no sense to fool potential users into installing your app by showcasing features in the creative that don’t exist. While it could help pique their curiosity and drive them to install your app, once they use it, they’ll know they’ve been deceived and will most likely uninstall it.

2. Highlight best or unique features

In a sea of homogenous, templated ads, it’s best to play to your app’s strong suits. What sets it apart from its competitors? Which features do your existing users utilize the most? Focusing the creative on your app’s unique features will help make it stand out more, driving interest and increase retention.

3. Demonstrate how your app works

User experience is key. No matter how eye-catching your creative is, if it doesn’t showcase how your app works, potential users might have inaccurate expectations. If your app is a game, show actual gameplay elements. If it’s a utility app, show the user interface. The creative is the first window into your app, so make it count!

4. Design according to the target audience

Ads are not “one size fits all.” To motivate people to install your app, you need to use creatives that target specific audiences. For example, the middle-aged, casual gaming demographic will more likely be drawn to a creative that’s less flashy, more straightforward, and explanatory. On the other hand, fast-paced and action-packed visuals appeal to the more hardcore gamers. Personalizing creatives shows potential users that you value their individuality and, in turn, this could cultivate user loyalty.

First impressions last. The impact of creatives extends beyond the thirty seconds it takes for a user to view it. It affects how the app is perceived and utilized by the user. It’s a challenge for advertisers, as we are sometimes prone to hard selling, but as audiences become more skeptical of traditional marketing schemes, we must respond with integrity and consideration.

At Aarki, each creative variant is developed using these learnings and our deep category expertise. Creative personalization and localization are also applied to reach the best users that will drive stronger ROI. These ensure that the ads that are being published are aligned with the interests of target users and always perform at their best.


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