2016 U.S. Ad Tech Trends Predictions Part 2

After chatting with Aarki’s VP of Product, Yumio Saneyoshi, in part 1 about what he thinks we should be expecting in ad tech next year, I’ve had the chance to inquire the brains behind Aarki’s technology the same questions. In this interview, CTO & Co-founder of Aarki, Levon Budagyan, and Senior Director of Engineering, Mark Kalygulov, shared their predictions about the future of ad tech.

Levon Budagyan, CTO at AarkiMark Kalygulov, VP of Engineering at Aarki

              Levon Budagyan, CTO & Co-founder                Mark Kalygulov, Sr. Director of Engineering

What do you think will be the three emerging trends in ad tech next year?

Levon: In 2016, ads will be more relevant and less intrusive. They will be more aesthetically appealing and move toward a more elegant format, blending into what’s already there. There will also be more places we can run ads. There have been talks about watches and gadgets to some degree but this year Apple actually made the iWatch app-able. Media-wise, Facebook have been a major player, especially with the release of pre-packaged media. However, in the future there will be more and more players in this space.

Mark: With mobile ads becoming intrusive and distractive, IAB have pushed out new guidelines. App marketers will be trying to find out how far the implementation of these guidelines will go. As for where ads will run in the future, maybe not in 2016 but eventually, cars will be another way that we will be seeing ads in addition to wearable devices. People will also be preparing to ditch their mobile phones for virtual reality (VR) and as that happens, we can expect to see more and more focus on ad creatives. As for media, the aggregation of media players could be important on an international basis. For example, Facebook is a major player in media but there’s no Facebook in China. Instead, there’s Baidu and WeChat. 

What implications do these three trends have on app marketing?

Levon: Existing channels of media will become easier to use but there will always be a learning curve, as with every new channel there comes a need to learn. App marketers can expect better service and quality for the advertisers as more and more media players join the market. Targeting opportunities will improve and app marketers will be able to find users more reliably. However, it's not going to get any cheaper for bigger campaigns meant to reach a wide audience.

Mark: These trends will make things a bit easier for people in terms of creatives and targeting. Since this is a growing industry, ad prices will most likely go up because publishers and channels are still pretty much limited. As the market expands on an international basis, advertising campaigns will also become international. The value for foreign market will become greater for app marketers as the needs to international app marketing grows.

What have Aarki done to prepare for these trends?

Levon: At Aarki, we are optimizing for more relevant ads. We are building nicer ads with focus on aesthetic appeal. We have the capability to build ads in different formats, whether it’s gadgets or cars. We continuously develop on this capability by improving our format diagnostic.

Mark: Aarki already have responsive design capabilities in the Creative Design Studio so that you can view apps and ads in the car or on any other devices. We’re also working with all the major media players so in a way, Aarki is a one stop shop for all media needs.

What's the bottom line?

Levon: Things are changing. Everyone has to adjust and Aarki is there to help them adjust.

Mark: 2016 will be a fun year in ad tech as we see these new trends emerge.


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